Saturday, 31 July 2010

Are we there yet ???????

It was someone's idea (mine) to walk across the fields behind our house,to our friends music festival in the next village.

I didn’t moan much……Well a wee bit……..

The walk seemed to go on forever

and ever……

But in the middle of nowhere we came across a wood with a door in it.

In the middle of the wood was a clearing,decorated with streamers and sofas.

There were mad people going up for flights in microlites and planes off the air field.

racing around in bumper cars and setting up their tents for a night of music and fun.





and then it was time to leave all the youngsters to the night ahead and we had that long walk back,ahead of us………..


and me moaning.


Friday, 30 July 2010

lavender blue dilly,dilly

lavender's green,
When I am king, dilly, dilly, you shall be queen.

I had an exposure and focus assignment to complete for this weeks Karen Russell class.

I gave up waiting for the sun to come out,so for the second year running I found myself and Tasmin at the Lavender farm in Hitchin on a dull dreary summers day.

This is one of my submitted assignment photos.I took it using exposure compensation.I like that we have to submit all our photos unedited in any way.

I don’t use any Photoshop programmes(yet) but a lot of the students have them in my class.It can make a massive difference to a photo,and almost all the photos you see on really good blogs are photo shopped.

Its almost unfair to compare your shots to theirs especially as they usually have a better camera and lenses as well.

But I am trying to find my own style of image,as well as learning photography techniques.Most of my shots from this day were taken with my newly arrived lens.So far so good,it’s a bit heavy but I’ll get used to it.

This was one of my” photos of the day” on the forum.

I was really chuffed to have someone say its like an Antropologie ad.That's the exact look I was going for.

I had to shoot a totally manual exposed photo.That means I have to set everything in the camera,believe me that not easy.And I choose a subject that doesn’t keep still.But needs must.

Here are some of my favourite photos from yesterday.

I also nabbed a few other people to shoot.

And after weeks of listening to me prattling on about exposure,ISO ,focus points,etc.Tasmin took a well composed snap of me.

I’m sure she was thrilled!!!!!!

Strawberry Cupcakes….

Last weekend I spent hours and a fare few pennies making  a Pioneer Women Red Velvet cake.

It failed miserably.I had to move it around the various ovens in the Aga and it took twice the time it was supposed to cook.I only had one piece and the rest is SLOWLY getting eaten.

I had all but given up with baking cakes in the Aga.But luckily a cupcake cook extraordinaire  came to see me.She sent me some of her fail proof recipes,and so I had a go today.

So thank you to Kim for the recipes.I had to reduce the cooking time by a quarter and they are still a bit tinged for my liking.But I may be buying a Kitchen aid mixer after all.

But of course they may look nice ,but what do they taste like?……….


If anyone would like Kim to bake an order of cupcakes for them,let me know.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

MRI results

Do you remember this post.

Well it turns out my Dr has been reading my blog!!!!

Hi,Dr Cockburn

So when I went to see him today,about my MRI results,he asked me “what's this about waterslides?”

It was so funny,I was already to tell him about how much I had improved on holiday.And tell him the funny story of my adventures on the slide.

I was so pleased to find I do have a problem with my back.I was worried they might not have been able to see something.And I would have still been in pain,but no further along with a diagnosis.

As everyone who knows me is aware,I have felt so much better since I went to Spain.I still have pain ,but nowhere near the level it was.It still just when I drive and sit down,my walking has improved and my stick is tucked away in a corner.

It was no surprise to hear I have some degeneration in some discs in my spine.I’ve always had back problems ,so I was expecting that.

But the pain in my leg is caused by another problem “a left lateral disc herniation at L5/S1 level causing narrowing of the ipsilateral neural foramen  and compression of the forming S1 nerve root in the lateral recess”.In layman terms that means a shit load of pain felt in your leg and arse,but the problem is in your spine!!!!

So there is not much that can be done for it.It turns out some of the tablets I was taking would have been almost useless.I just have to wait and see if I continue to improve as manipulation is now off the menu.Plus,so is lots of sitting.( I may tell Hubby his marital rights are forbidden as well.LOL)

So fingers crossed I will continue to approve and Dr Cockburn won’t have to see my face for a while.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ee by gum

Which is northern slang for Oh My God.

(OMG nearly pissed myself laughing,I had spelt slang wrong,I put slag instead!!!Thanks Sandra for the spellcheck)

Up the A1M I went today-up North to Stamford.Me and Linda went for a days shopping.I had never been before,so Linda gave me a guided tour.

The shops were lovely and my purse came out on several occasions!!! In fact I couldn’t believe how cheap everything seemed.I am used to London and down South prices.I was in my element.

I saw a little mini me in Joules.Very proud of her sparkly high heels.

and her little sister was soooo cute.I would have loved to have her as a model to take some photos.

She was the image of my daughter Tasmin when she was little.

We saw the biggest corsage ever.Now how do you wear it?

I couldn’t resist buying a selection of beautiful jewellery and hair bits from a fab shop called Ruby loves.I even bought some Christmas presents!!!!!

I saw some cards that made me laugh.This first one is of course perfect for me…….

and a few others I bought which I can’t share, as there are a few birthdays coming up.

It was a lovely day.Me and Linda can shop for hours with no rest or pit stops.We finished a perfect day in Pizza Express and I arrived home to everyone tucking into their tea.So feet up for me.

So bliss ……..

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How bizarre…….

Within the last 24 hours I have heard from two old friends that they are putting on  a music festival and a concert.

The Farrs have been friends of mine for years.I have watched all four of their children grow into wonderful adults.It would seem that Dominic has organised on their beautiful farm land,a full on day out/festival,here in Hertfordshire.It will be set in one of their woods.So weather permitting I shall definitely be there camera in hand.

The action starts at 3pm in Newnham,just off the A1M.Trish,his mother is trying to get all ages to go for the day events and then we can leave it to the boppers for the night.There will be camping in the woods for overnighters.But I won’t be one of them, luckily I live just down the road.So if anyone is interested contact Dominic here.

My other good friend Judith,who lives in Spain,also contacted me last night to tell me she is putting on a concert in Puerto Banus.

She’s got Alexander Burke and Diversity,among others playing at hers!!!!!

Here’s the link for her concert if you are anywhere near Spain in August.

Sadly,I shall just be at the one in the woods,that is unless it pours with rain.I doubt Judith has that problem to worry about for August,in Spain.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

work,work ,work

I have been so busy trying to keep on top of my photography class.But I managed some free time last week to get a layout done.I had ordered 135 photos from photo box.I try to get my monthly photos printed and in an album for future generations to have.Somehow a few months had slipped by unnoticed.I was very impressed with the photobox pictures and they worked out at just 1p each including P&P.

I grabbed a few people this week and dragged them into the garden.I was supposed to be practicing for an assignment on exposure composition.But I always get sidetracked.

So Linda was my guinea pig one day and Katarina the next.Katarina had just had her make up trial at Space NK,as she was getting married the next day.

Then I was up bright and early Wednesday morning to set up my garden  for a shoot with a friends daughter and her son.Be prepared for some photos of a super cute boy.Long time readers of my blog may recognise him.He was the little boy with the Santa hat that I took a photo of at in December.

Amy is 8 months pregnant with a little girl.I wanted to try and capture this special time.It was quite challenging,as of course little Alfie wasn’t interested in what we wanted him to do.So thank God I had prepared for this and I had lots of distractions arranged for him.

Again I took over a 1000 images,I haven’t got around to playing with them all yet.As it was way past midnight and I had to catch a train the next day to London.

But these are a few of my favourites so far.


And some lovely shots of Amy and Alfie together.

All I need is a Grandchild of my own,now.I’m ready and waiting with camera in hand.I think my arm may get a bit achy,as I think/hope this will be a good few years off.But at least I will be ready for them when they make an appearance.


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