Friday, 9 July 2010

Whoops,I forgot

I have a bad back ???????

What was I thinking?????

I realised the second I sat in the ring and the pain hit me.The lifeguard said you’ll be fine,but I was already thinking how am I going to get out and stand?

Me and Hubby are officially now to old and decrepit for water parks.Both of us had to take painkillers after our rides.

So we sadly left all the other rides to the youngsters.




Luckily,it was a perfect opportunity for me to practise,for my shutter speed assignment for Karen Russell's photography workshop.

and here are some of my other favourites from the day.

Tasmin after swallowing half the pool during a slide ride.


Karen Russell said...

Looks like a perfect place to work on your shutter speed assignment. Great shots! (I especially love the shot on the swing!)

Denise said...

Great photos, love the one of you being showered by water...and the photos of you in the rubber ring going down the slide really made me smile - hope it wasn't too bad after !

kym said...

I'm loving all the photos, and catching up on what you are doing on your holiday,
you might think you are to old for water parks but you are very brave to go there in the first place !

Sally said...

A fab set of photos!!

domestic goddess said...

are you bonkers!!!! water parks!!!
loving your photos, when are you back in the UK, i need too book some treatments with you!


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