Sunday, 25 July 2010

work,work ,work

I have been so busy trying to keep on top of my photography class.But I managed some free time last week to get a layout done.I had ordered 135 photos from photo box.I try to get my monthly photos printed and in an album for future generations to have.Somehow a few months had slipped by unnoticed.I was very impressed with the photobox pictures and they worked out at just 1p each including P&P.

I grabbed a few people this week and dragged them into the garden.I was supposed to be practicing for an assignment on exposure composition.But I always get sidetracked.

So Linda was my guinea pig one day and Katarina the next.Katarina had just had her make up trial at Space NK,as she was getting married the next day.

Then I was up bright and early Wednesday morning to set up my garden  for a shoot with a friends daughter and her son.Be prepared for some photos of a super cute boy.Long time readers of my blog may recognise him.He was the little boy with the Santa hat that I took a photo of at in December.

Amy is 8 months pregnant with a little girl.I wanted to try and capture this special time.It was quite challenging,as of course little Alfie wasn’t interested in what we wanted him to do.So thank God I had prepared for this and I had lots of distractions arranged for him.

Again I took over a 1000 images,I haven’t got around to playing with them all yet.As it was way past midnight and I had to catch a train the next day to London.

But these are a few of my favourites so far.


And some lovely shots of Amy and Alfie together.

All I need is a Grandchild of my own,now.I’m ready and waiting with camera in hand.I think my arm may get a bit achy,as I think/hope this will be a good few years off.But at least I will be ready for them when they make an appearance.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

I love that LO & aren't Photobox pics just great quality & value?!!

Another awesome series of photo's...can't really see how your new lens will improve your skills, but then, you're the expert so you would know!!!!

I'm sorry you had disappointment in London, but I think your shots were good & LOL at you handling all those strange mens 'lenses'!!!

I hope you've got a good hard drive thingy to store all these 1000's of photo's in?!!! TTFN xx


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