Sunday, 11 July 2010

teenagers alert

What is it with teenagers and tidiness?

I have always been anal.In fact my clothes were even numbered when I was a teenager.To make it easier to work out what my sister had sneaked out to wear.

Tasmin has well and truly put her mark on her bedroom here.God knows what the apartment will look like over the next two weeks after we’ve left.She has truly met her match with her boyfriend Craig.They are both,as messy as each other.

At Easter she was walking over the detritus that is his bedroom floor,and heard something crack.When she dared look she found it to be an Easter egg???

We enjoyed a day at the La Manga Club beach and pool today.Digital cameras are so fantastic .I took 855 photos today!!!!! In the olden days can you imagine the film and processing costs.remember those days when you got your prints out of the envelope and out of 24 prints there was usually only one good one.It was always a disappointment.



They were out snorkelling today looking for the octopus Hubby claims he saw last time.This time I heard stories of the hundreds of sea anemones on the rocks below them,and how big the fish were.



Weight Watchers isn’t going to well at the moment.This is breakfast,then its bread and crisps for lunch,always followed by chocolate with almonds.I have eaten a family size bar everyday.Mmmmmm

I’m off for a siesta after all those calories……………………

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