Sunday, 18 July 2010

A* student

When I do something I always try to put my all in to it.But having three photography classes at once,is pushing it a tad.It just happened that they all fell at the same time.I won two of them and the most important one to me is Karen Russell's.I sat up at 2am to try and get  a much coveted spot on her course.

I had THREE assignments to “hand” in this week.My brain has been in constant overdrive trying to think of photo opportunities.Daughter is still in Spain.Son is at work or out.Hubby is away for the week with work.So off to my sisters I went.

For Cheryl Johnsons People Imagery assignment I had to shoot a creative group portrait and demonstrate my understanding of good and bad posing using males and females.You were supposed to just hand in 1-3 photos.

But being the A* pupil that I am,I decided to make some collages of my attempts.






group without props






group with props.






        good poses and angles










Bad poses and angles






Here are three other shots,from my sister’s shoot  I loved.

and this one is a bad angle for faces,but it summed the shoot up perfectly

They were a nightmare to shoot.Taya wouldn’t stay for the session.So we were down to three.

Groups are so hard to capture.It took over a 1000’s pictures to capture some I was happy with.I have some beautiful ones of Jade on her own,which I’ll share another day.

I have already shared most of  the pictures I submitted for Karen Russell's two assignments

But here is one  I may have missed sharing.

I only managed to take 2 extra photos for Shimelles Prompt 9-blues skies

Luckily,most of my other photos from Karen's and Cheryl's classes cover Shimelles prompts.I just haven’t had time to scrap anything yet.

I have another new project I want to start this week.So I’ll share another day.

It’s some sewing?????

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