Sunday, 11 July 2010


I am sat in the thick of it in  bar.

Surrounded by Spanish World Cup supporters.To say its tense is an understatement.I’m on the edge of my seat and its a bloody bar stool!!!!

I’m on my own,as the rest decided to watch the match on the comfy sofas upstairs.

But I couldn't resisit the free internet and the match with locals.

Everyone is glued to a TV set here.I wish I had sound for you,I am going to be deaf by the end of this.

Spanish are very passionate about their football.

I have my small Canon camera ready for some video when and if they score…………..

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Scrappi Sandi said...

I soooo thought of you last night as the final whistle blew!!! Was it really as manic as you expected?!!

I'm playing catch up with three posts as I didn't log on at all yesterday...gorgeous pics of Tasmin...& how much do you want to bet you've lost 3lbs when you weigh in on Thursday night?!!!...that'd be about par for the course!!

Safe journey home tomorrow!! x


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