Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I’m back in a sunny UK

yeah right,part of that is a lie.I have hardly seen a blue sky since I returned.

Now I have my work cut out for me,with the light now I am home.Taking part in THREE photography classes all at once is quite a feat.Plus keeping up with three forums is very time consuming.

In Spain the light was fantastic .I mean checkout this sunset during the World Cup  half time.
















These are all straight out of the camera.Imagine taking something like this in the UK.Impossible.These luckily covered one of the prompts from Shimelle to take a picture of the sky.

Well,today I tried to catch up with some of Shimelles class.So today I dug out my tripod and took a couple of shots of myself in a favourite outfit,along with one of  my new shoes.One of four pairs of shoes I bought on holiday!!!

I couldn’t include my face,well hair really.I hadn’t had my roots done for weeks.

It wasn’t attractive.

It was so nice to get into some clothes for a change.I had lived in the same two outfits for my entire holiday?????

I then set out to catch some depth of field pictures,including some flowers which was another two of Shimelles prompts covered.

and of course I couldn’t resist a depth of field,with some catch lights of my lover ,Teddy.He’s obsessed with leaves and spends hours catching them in the wind.

Ah,who couldn’t love this mad bundle of ginger fluff…….


Scrappi Sandi said...

Nice shoes!! For a moment there I thought that Geranium was a part of your bracelets!!! Absolutely gorgeous sunset pics...I did see them in the forum! I bet Teddy was beside himself to have you home!!!

kym said...

Lovely pictures, I also thought the flower in the background was part of your bracelet ! I hope your mri scan went well, see you next week, x


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