Monday, 19 July 2010

I should have been a….


When I was at school I would have never have known to say to the careers advisor, would like to be a room set stylist for magazines.Who knew there was such a thing?I certainly didn’t ,living in Stevenage as a child.

But along with interior design it would have been a good career path for me.

(By the way I told a whole class of sniggering teenagers in our careers class I wanted to be a model and a make up artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How mad was I to admit that to my peers.But I had the last laugh,I went on to get paid to do both.)

My mind thinks in room sets.What you may say????Well,everyday before I get dressed,I go through my house and garden and arrange it to my eye,as if a camera crew will arrive at any second!!!It’s just the way my mind works,sad but true.I like things to look visually right.

I think that was why I was finding photography so hard.But now I feel,I am starting to get my own style,I know what I like and I am starting to see my surroundings as part of a photos composition.Shimelle was talking about this today in her latest prompt.

I read about a fab new shop in Cambridge -CallyCo.So I made Hubby drive me there on Saturday.

It had so many things I liked..Wow indeed.

I bought some bunting,a notice board and some beautiful bird fabric and a sewing  pattern to make myself a skirt.

Plus in another shop, I found a canvas I loved for my conservatory.You may have noticed it in my sisters photo shoot.

Anyway,someone asked me today to show some of my latest's pictures of my sisters fab new kitchen.So here they are Kim…

My sister still has a long way to go.She is going to replace most of her furniture,so she has a lot of shopping to do.A  lot of the house is still in its early stages,but one room she has made a start on,is the girls playroom.

She’s going to cover one of the walls with my scrapbook layouts.So it’s nice they’ll be out of their albums for a change.

What job do you wish you’d told the careers advisor you’d like?


Scrappi Sandi said...

CallyCo looks a lovely shop & the 'chandelier' light fitting in Andreas kitchen is gorgeous!....& You've certainly had your money's worth out of those 'FUN' letters!
Any MRI results yet?

kym said...

Thanks Karen, your sister will think I'm so nosey ! but her house looks sooo amazing, Callyco also looks lovely will have to try and get to cambridge soon, x

Melody Brotherton said...

That kitchen is amazing. It looks like you could eat off of the floor! My house looks like tornadoes pass through daily!


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