Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How bizarre…….

Within the last 24 hours I have heard from two old friends that they are putting on  a music festival and a concert.

The Farrs have been friends of mine for years.I have watched all four of their children grow into wonderful adults.It would seem that Dominic has organised on their beautiful farm land,a full on day out/festival,here in Hertfordshire.It will be set in one of their woods.So weather permitting I shall definitely be there camera in hand.

The action starts at 3pm in Newnham,just off the A1M.Trish,his mother is trying to get all ages to go for the day events and then we can leave it to the boppers for the night.There will be camping in the woods for overnighters.But I won’t be one of them, luckily I live just down the road.So if anyone is interested contact Dominic here.

My other good friend Judith,who lives in Spain,also contacted me last night to tell me she is putting on a concert in Puerto Banus.

She’s got Alexander Burke and Diversity,among others playing at hers!!!!!

Here’s the link for her concert if you are anywhere near Spain in August.

Sadly,I shall just be at the one in the woods,that is unless it pours with rain.I doubt Judith has that problem to worry about for August,in Spain.

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