Thursday, 8 July 2010


1 goal to Spain so far.People are out banging saucepans on their balconies.Its very funny.I wish I could capture the roar around me as Spain attempt to get near the goal.Its so funny to watch it delayed on the BBC.

So today we headed up to the La Manga Club.Its a golf/tennis resort up in the hills opposite our apartment.It caters for rich/sporty types.One of which I am clearly not.(sporty)

This is a view of the golf course with the La Manga strip in the background.Where our apartment is.

This posh resort has the tiniest beach ever.Its reached down a precarious shingle, twisting road.Your ears pop as you finally reach the beach,after the white knuckle drive.

The beach is so reminiscent of an English Cornish beach.

My lot love to snorkel here.There are so many fish and every year Hubby comes rushing in to tell me his fisherman tales of huge octopuses.

(Yippee,Spain have just got through in the World Cup.Car hooters,fireworks and singing all around.)

My next assignment for Karen Russell's class is all about shutter speed,so today I was trying to capture some action shots.

Some Germans kindly let me take a collection of shots of them playing bat and ball.

Then it was Hubby’s turn to be my model.

Some local Spanish were tucked in the cave of the cove fishing.And very successful they were to.

I don’t think we will be getting an early night tonight.Every car is blowing its hooter!!!!!

God knows what it will be like here Sunday for the final………..

For once I can’t wait for a World Cup game.

For some peoples info I return Tuesday and daughter is flying in as I am posting this blog.So I am looking forward to having some new models to photograph.I’m sure you’ll be pleased sis.You can tuck into your tea now.


Denise said...

Have been poorly for a couple of days so am just catching up on posts. We've actually stayed at the La Manga golf resort, our friends have an apartment there - our youngest took a friend and they spent a week playing golf (not every day!)Very nice there- and your apartment looks gorgeous x
Loving the look of your mini albim too x

Rachel said...

Great action shots. Bet the atmosphere was amazing last night with the world cup. I expect Sunday will be mad.

Scrappi Sandi said...

I thought of you when the final whistle blew on the match!! I bet the atmosphere was electric!!

The Chicago album is looking good....I've done my covers & printed off my pics, but I'm now focussing on Shimelle's prompts, so it'll have to wait a while!!

LOL at the ice cream,..tutti frutti..YUK!!! But hey! as long as he enjoyed it!!

Great photo's & that beach looks to die for! Have a fab weekend with Tasmin there the boyfriend in tow? Tell Chris that I'm impressed with his fearless diving off the rocks!!!


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