Wednesday, 28 July 2010

ee by gum

Which is northern slang for Oh My God.

(OMG nearly pissed myself laughing,I had spelt slang wrong,I put slag instead!!!Thanks Sandra for the spellcheck)

Up the A1M I went today-up North to Stamford.Me and Linda went for a days shopping.I had never been before,so Linda gave me a guided tour.

The shops were lovely and my purse came out on several occasions!!! In fact I couldn’t believe how cheap everything seemed.I am used to London and down South prices.I was in my element.

I saw a little mini me in Joules.Very proud of her sparkly high heels.

and her little sister was soooo cute.I would have loved to have her as a model to take some photos.

She was the image of my daughter Tasmin when she was little.

We saw the biggest corsage ever.Now how do you wear it?

I couldn’t resist buying a selection of beautiful jewellery and hair bits from a fab shop called Ruby loves.I even bought some Christmas presents!!!!!

I saw some cards that made me laugh.This first one is of course perfect for me…….

and a few others I bought which I can’t share, as there are a few birthdays coming up.

It was a lovely day.Me and Linda can shop for hours with no rest or pit stops.We finished a perfect day in Pizza Express and I arrived home to everyone tucking into their tea.So feet up for me.

So bliss ……..


Scrappi Sandi said...

Talk about Freudian slip...shouldn't that be Northern Sla-n-g?!!!! You wouldn't want to offend anyone I'm sure!!!

Looks like a fabulous day out...just how far north is Stamford?

I've just worked out why Linda looked so different in yoyr previous glasses!!!

karen said...

How funny I have corrected the post.But maybe I was right in the firstplace!


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