Sunday, 25 July 2010

A disappointing few days……

Well,I should be at Anna's crop today.But sadly it has been cancelled.I haven’t managed one crop this month as Sue at Crafty Stash also cancelled hers.So I have lots of unfinished  projects packed away in my crop bag.I was hoping to get some work on my Chicago album done today.I always love this crop as there are some super talented ladies there.

How Anna's manages to pack so much into her life I have no idea.Go and checkout her blog.She is an amazing scrapper and must have so many deadlines to keep to,for all her design teams.I was on a few once  and I found it very stressful,so I won’t be repeating that again.Plus she is the only other Brit on Karen Russell's workshop with me.There is sooooo much reading and assignments to keep on top of,that even I am struggling and I don’t go out to do a proper job as well!!!

I have had a lovely few days staying in London with my Husband,who was working at an airshow.I spent it with one of his colleagues partner,eating at beautiful restaurants,shopping at Antropologie and stuffing myself with Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes.

The morning I arrived I received my latest assignment from Cheryl Johnsons class.It was to take pictures of people out and about on the streets,people you didn’t know.

So this would be a dream in London to complete.

I took hundreds,but unfortunately I only had my zoom kit lens with me.I was planning on buying a new Tamron lens that Karen Russell's recommended.I traipsed to all the camera shops in central London,but  it was out of stock everywhere.It was an overcast day and the kit lens struggled to take crisp photos.So I was disappointed with my results ,but you live and learn.(pack all your lens)

I think the lady I was with hadn’t met anyone like me before.She was flabbergasted as I snapped away at people and had conversations with men that made her blush!I went up to a man In antropologie who had the largest lens I have ever seen.I said to him “your just showing off with that.Can I hold it.”He replied that he was German and couldn’t understand me properly.But I got to hold it and it was so bloody heavy.She giggled afterwards that it would have made a great photo of me with this stranger with his humongous lens in my hand!!!!

So here are some of my disappointing photos of the day.

This was my favourite of the day.It was a shoot that was going on in Green Park.So I took a photo of the photographer,taking a photo.

I got to hold his lens ,and his was BIG as well.

Watch this space today.I am going to post some photos I took of a couple of shoots I arranged last week.

I’m off to eat my breakfast.Hubby nipped to Starbucks this morning to provide me with  breakfast in bed with a newspaper.Heaven

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domestic goddess said...

aww bless you Karen. I am so loving your photos, I am going to find some time today to do week 3's so i can upload in time. Thansk for reminding me about the lavender fields, must go and visit next week, i am up to my eyeballs this week LOL!
anna x


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