Monday, 5 July 2010

Composition of a photo

I have my next three week assignments for Karen Russell's photography workshop all downloaded and printed.

My first assignment covers the composition of a photo.

beauty can be seen in all things ,seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph” Matt Hardy

I had to have heaps of rules embedded in my brain when composing each shot.Not an easy feat.My only “willing”subject at the moment is my hubby.So as the light is so good here,I tried the beach and a spot just before sunset.

Defining your subject or story

(candid vs portrait)(centering vs off-centering your subject):

leading lines:

the rule of thirds and thinking about empty/active space:

simplicity and thinking about viewpoint (front,back,side,high,low,eye-level)

Plus a lot more which covered 70 A4 pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast as usual here in La Manga is a chocolate pastry.

Can you tell my Hubby is a “feeder”.

Mine is on the left!!!!!

Oh and just to make you sick.Here is the view I look at everyday from my viewpoint on our balcony.

Phew,its hard work being me……………………………………..


Scrappi Sandi said...

Just caught up on your last three posts! Just like waiting for a bus...none for ages & then three all at once!!

So glad you are managing to keep the pain under control...& of course enjoying your breakfasts!!!

Is Chris enjoying being your 'muse'?!! Great photo's...& in your previous posts too...those are great of you, taken at the Grange!!

The new sunglasses really do suit you BTW...

enikodelisle said...

Cute bathing suit...the view from your balcony is to die for & your hubby is a great sport! I love your photo tips! Thanks.

Rachel said...

Great photos. Love the use of empty space in one of them. Loving your sea view too, only a little jealous.


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