Monday, 5 July 2010

The atmosphere is electric…..

I am sat in our apartment in La Manga,Spain watching the Paraguay/Spain World Cup match.Now I am not a lover of football.But it has been amazing sitting here listening to everyone in their apartments watching the game.We are watching the BBC and ours is slightly delayed.As the penalties were taken we could tell seconds before what the outcome was.The cheers and groans was eye watering.Well it was for Hubby,who kept crying!!!

Everyone would rush out to their balconies to cheer,shake a Spanish flag or blow a horn.I do hope Spain wins

Because of my sciatica pain the journey here was a bit tortuous.I dosed myself up but because of a delay at Stansted  my tablets had all worn off by the time we arrived.We had to make a pit stop on the  way to allow me to take some painkillers and I took the opportunity to walk around the night market eating a huge coconut and after eight ice cream Hubby bought me.And it was midnight!!!!

The tablets kicked in and we were able to continue on without me screaming at every bump in the road.I have decided to keep myself doped up this holiday,like I did in Chicago.It has made a difference to the pain intensity,but I can’t keep my eyes  open.God knows how i drove in the States?

So We have been just lounging around the apartment taking it easy.

I haven’t blogged much lately because I have been trying to cope with a lot of pain.It has taken all my effort just to keep going day to day.I have my MRI scan on my spine the day after I get home from Spain.So hopefully they will be able to see why my sciatica nerve is being aggravated or what else might be causing the pain.

I spent a lovely day at Anna Bowkis’ crop.I was glad to get out of the house ,so I didn’t have to endure the England World cup match,which of course we lost.

I attempted a bit more work on my Chicago mini album,which I have bought out here to Spain to complete.There were lots of yummy sweet goodies to tuck into.

I did my own thing with Annas Prima kit.

and my Sister has taken it to display in her lovely new house.

Wow Spain just scored and the roar was amazing here.Fingers crossed they win.We will be here for the final and if Spain can get through it will be electric here.

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enikodelisle said...

So sorry you're in pain... What a fun time to be in Spain! Hope you feel better soon.


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