Friday, 26 February 2010

(wo)mans best friend

I know I keep ranting on about the Pioneer Woman’s blog but her latest assignment  was to post pictures of your dog.The first time I ever posted a picture on her flickr site I didn’t notice that there were 22,000 others!!!!

Because she gets so many people posting,she gets sent the most exquisite photos.

Check out the pictures she’s picked so far as her favourites here.The flickr assignment group is well worth checking out.Teddy is in there three times amongst them.See if you can spot him.The pictures made me ohh and ahh and laugh out loud.You can see that a dog really is a (wo)mans best friend for a reason.

I’m hoping to do some scrapping today.But I am waiting for some strong painkillers to kick in for my back.I feel tomorrow could be the day for a spot of stash shopping.I need some new papers to get my creative juices flowing.

Thanks to all the new people for their lovely comments.I LOVE comments so please take the time to say Hi.That includes you Andrea,Tasmin,Chris,Judith and Linda.Sometimes I feel like I am talking to thin air.




Anonymous said...

Your talent is wasted you should be paid for this ;-)

Scrappi Sandi said...

Just off to check out that flickr link...sorry to hear you're suffering with your back today! Great 'Bird' pics...I recognise that little birdhouse..I have one just like it!!!!! Happy stash shopping...I seem to remember an email from Lorraine...something about a discount event in the shop...Hope your painkillers kick in soon!

andrea said...

Hi this is Andreas first comment .love the pics and your comment on gum drops i laughed out loud.
Also do not put any pics of me at your wedding you know why!!!!
Hope your back gets better.x


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