Saturday, 27 February 2010

Perfect housewife cupboard

The Chuckle Brother from another Mother,kindly woke us with a phone call this morning.We never got to use our new shower this week ,as it leaked straight away.He advised us he would be here after lunch.We’ll we are still waiting and its 9pm!!!!

Lucky for me (and him) Hubby is very good with his hands!!!! He reckons that's why I married him.Both me and my sister married men good  with their hands!!!!

So sick of waiting ,he took the defunct part back to the plumbing shop ,exchanged the part TWICE and fitted it himself.He assures me it’s now working ,but that will have to wait for another day.

He’s upstairs now cutting and drilling away.










He’s started on my new linen cupboard.Every ten minutes I get called up for the next position for the shelves.

I LOVE everything to look neat and tidy.Ever since I saw Anthea Turners perfect linen cupboard on her show,I have had to have one.

Every piece of linen she owned was white.

Every shelf was labelled.

Pure heaven.

So from then on I only bought white bed linen and towels from The White Company and the such.But Anthea, obviously wasn't renovating an Edwardian house.The towels soon looked like they had been dragged around the garden a few times.The bed linen is impossible to get the creases out of.

So all the towels are now all in a pile to got to the dump.I have streamlined the bed linen.Now each bed has just two changes of linen.I have to think of a way to mark the fitted sheets.We have two double beds, a king size and a single.They are all the same colour so I never know which sheet is which.Any ideas how I can mark them?

I have a day scrapping tomorrow with this clever lady.We are going to be making a mini book and a layout with Kaisercraft apparently.I am looking forward to having a look at her new book.

I had another baking session today.Just six massive cupcakes.I am looking forward to buying some cupcake inspired bits in Chicago.I definitely need a proper piping kit.I know a bad workman always blames his tools.But I have the smallest nozzle you have ever seen.(That reminds me of something Husband said on one of our first dates)I haven’t tried the cakes yet as my son just surprised me with yet another Mc Flurry.

I wanted to scrap some pictures of the day we went to choose Teddy in February 2009.We’d had a week of snow,but I didn’t want to miss out on the little cutie I’d been sent a picture of.We jumped in the car and drove all the way to Wisbech.I should have left the moment I saw Teddy's high jumping,neurotic mother.

But how could we resist this popped belly

and his little snub nose and square face

Little did we know that he would turn into the little terror that he is.Who would believe it of this little cutie.

He’s lucky we love him,even though all my new knickers now have holes in,he has an intimate relationship with Ryan's arm,he licks all the paint off my kitchen cupboards and insists on dragging me on every walk.

But then I suppose we’re not all perfect…..

Well except me…..

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Scrappi Sandi said...

I bet you'll be glad when the Bathroom is finally finished! Glad that the cupboard is coming along well...complete with slatted shelves? With the sheets, you could always embroider a little S D or K on one corner? Amazing LO about Teddy...I love the 'lift the flap' idea...was the PP printed like that?...or have you been stamping? Those cupcakes look yummy... & so DEFINITELY out of bounds for me..that SLAB of coffee cake on Weds was lovely, but I have to get 'back in the zone'!! Anyway..have fun with Anna tomorrow...tell her I think the book is awesome!!


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