Sunday, 7 February 2010

February 7th

It has been so dark  here for days.Yesterday was a day of thick fog.I couldn’t see how I was going to get any photos taken.I had an assignment  for Develop on Fridays.I wanted to complete about influences.You had to think about whose style influences you

It was very interesting the tutor likes soft art/photos,whereas I LOVE bright,colourful eclectic layouts.I have always torn out pages and saved websites by the score of things that really inspire me.

I am currently loving Larissa's amazing eclectic scrapbooking style.Its my nirvana.I have died and gone to heaven.Here is a link to her blog.

When it comes to photos I like pictures of people that capture there true being.As I always say I LOVE Karen Russell's style of pictures.Everyday moments captured beautifully.For the assignment I had to capture the style I admired.So it had to be hers.

But I thought this would be impossible.I have a daughter away at University and a 22 year old son who is now sick of having his photos taken.

I wanted to capture children.Oh I wish to have my time again with my children,but armed with a digital camera.But all of a sudden my weekend was filled with children.My nephews came over to wish my Husband a Happy Birthday,plus it is theirs next week

They are not comfortable around a camera,but I just kept clicking away.The light was very bad but I managed to get 88 pictures well light and in focus.

Chris’ Birthday candle!!!!!


Jamie was sent to sit outside on a “time out”.

I sneaked around the corner.

I love what I captured.Just what I had been looking for.

A bit of character.

And by the way these pictures are of two different boys.They are identical twins.When I showed them the pictures they couldn’t tell who was who!!!

Imagine that.

We narrowed it down to a scratch on one of their faces to identify them.

Then on Sunday my plumber arrived( a day late)with his son in tow.(Don’t ask about the bathrooms!! )

We do have a working set of taps now and he assures me he will be back tomorrow to do a bit more in our ensuite.

We’ll see.

Anyway I took the opportunity to take some pictures of his son Bradley playing with Teddy.

Lots of tug of war.

One exhausted dog.He fell asleep in mid play.Ahh Bless him.

The next assignment is about capturing unexpected light.I have a tunnel opposite our house in mind.But its been too dark and muddy to go and explore.So fingers crossed for next weekend.

I made myself do a spot of scrapbooking today.I wasn’t in the mood,due to a migraine,but I made myself.

I deserved a rest I’d just ironed 6 loads of washing.But boy did I enjoy myself.I watched the classic film Ryan's Daughter.It is still the most amazing film.They really don’t make them like that anymore.I’ve kept it for Tamsin to watch as its a film that stays with you forever.

I’d just like to say a huge WELL DONE to my daughter Tasmin.She passed all her 1st set of University exams with flying colours.She even surprised herself.So well done Tasmin keep it up.

Happy Birthday



Scrappi Sandi said...

Awesome photo's...especially the one of Ryan...sooo moody!! Those cupcakes look wondeful..homemade? Your nephews really are like the US version of Dennis the duplicate! They look like butter wouldn't melt!! How funny they couldn't recognise themselves in the photo's!! I love that photo of you & Andrea...& that LO is stunning..even if it was a forced creation!!!

Cheri said...

Great job Karen - especially love the snarly little face - yes, you DID capture some character!

Karen Russell said...

Beautiful shooting Karen!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Oh's Valentines Day this Sunday, so maybe the bell can get anothr outing then!!!

Is Karen Russell the pne who's course you've signed up for?

domestic goddess said...

beautiful photos hun, i am signed up for Karens class too :)


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