Thursday, 4 February 2010

February 4th

I seem to be busy doing nothing lately.I haven’t got any scrapbooking done and don’t seem to have the motivation.I don’t have any photos or stash that I feel I HAVE to work with.

So most of my time has gone on cooking.I have been using some fab recipes from this site.We had Cajun spiced chicken pasta one night .These scrummy chocolate and nut cookies for afters last night

and tonight we’re having baby back ribs and double baked potatoes .Chris is having this recipe as he likes blue cheese.Yuck!!!!!

So whilst my scrap album isn’t growing,my waistline is.

I want to get out and take some photos but the sky is sooo dark and grey .There is NO natural light at all.

I was up at 2am Monday trying to get a place on Karen Russell's photography course.I had decided her March course wouldn’t be much help to me as they’d be no light.So I plumped for June,thank God I did as the March one sold out in 2 mins.It was an expensive indulgence at nearly $400 dollars,but I thought I don’t treat myself often.So I went for it.

My husband just doesn’t understand why I would want to pay so much for a course with her,when I could do one with Canon much cheaper,but I adore Karen Russell's blog and photos and its a 9 week course with a forum.There were 1400 people fighting for  few places ,so it must be good.

It does help her that she has young children to capture in photos,

but I’m hoping when the summer comes,it will mean  I will have longer days to get snaps of people other than me and the dog!.

I have had a mini tutorial with my son Ryan on Photoshop.So here’s my first attempt with the digital stash I bought the other day.

He always makes things so much easier for me.I can’t stand learning things from a book or video.And as for my Husband he makes thinks much more difficult than they really are.He won’t admit he hasn’t a clue and takes you all around the houses ,so you end up totally confused.

For example we are now without a bath or shower,as I broke the taps in our only ,at present working bathroom.Don’t ask how it happened,just know that it was after instructions from said Husband how to correctly use the taps.This is the result………..

So if you bump into me stay down wind and don’t mention my greasy hair!!!!!!!


(sun flare)


Scrappi Sandi said...

Oooops! for the taps!! & great first attempt at digi...I'm impressed! Glad you got onto that course in that when we get back from Chicago? I'm sat scrapping...just popping in & out of my blog so was pleased to see you'd posted!

Cal said...

You should scrap a page about your cooking - especially the cookies - that photo is great!

Cheri said...

Pretty awesome for a first attempt Karen! I just downloaded the Port Au Prince kit from Songbird Ave today. Can't wait to have some time to play with it!

Hilary J said...

Brilliant first attempt at digi. Are you converted?


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