Tuesday, 23 February 2010

especially for Scrappi Sandi.

Well you asked for it Sandra.So I couldn’t disappoint .Here's a snap of Hubby on our Wedding Day 24 years ago complete with bum fluff and earring.I MADE him get his ear pierced,can you believe.

I can hear you laughing now Sandra at Chris with hair.

It was a bit unruly and he used to pay £26 to have it cut at Vidal Sassons.

Looking back what a waste of money.

Luckily now he just needs a spit and a polish and he’s ready to go.






I used to get  my haircut there as well,into a graduated bob.I am just 21 in this picture.Look at my clavicles,I haven’t seen them for years.

I had to put on a stone to fit in this dress.I had hired the dress as it was umpteen thousands to buy and it had always been my dream dress.I had had my picture taken with it in a shop window the year before.I couldn't believe that I got to wear it.I had the headdress made by the designer,which I have kept in my Harrods wedding cake box.I have never regretted hiring the dress and I doubt if Tasmin would like to wear a meringue for her wedding day!!!

We are supposed to be spending the day photographing snow drops tomorrow at Bennington Lordship..But looking out the window now, we’d only be getting shots of the snow part.Big snow flakes are currently tumbling down from the sky.

I spent the day cooking/baking yesterday.More calories!I couldn’t have picked a more loaded with calories meal if I’d tried.Chicken alfredo fettuccine.They serve this a lot in the States,but I can never get it here.

Its one of those things you make like shortbread.That once you’ve made it you can never think about it the same.It was made with lots of butter,cream cheese and LOTS of parmesan.The chicken was soaked in milk coated with breadcrumbs and yes you guessed it,fried in butter.And I can’t have pasta without bread,so yes,I had to have garlic bread to accompany it.I couldn’t move off the sofa all night.In fact I am a cross between a beached whale or an elephant seal.Take your pick.I still have some left for today.

I couldn’t just leave it at that.Oh No,not me.I had to go and make some cinnamon cream cheese topped carrot cupcakes.Just in case the pasta didn’t kill me.I have been handing them out to anyone today who visits .Otherwise it will be me that eats them all.I have no will power.

My friend Judith asked how my weight was going.I told her it was safe to say UP.I am blaming all these calories on this website and The Pioneer Woman isn’t helping.When they put such appetising pictures on their sites I then can’t seem to get my head around a slim fast shake.Life seems too short.

Oh well,at least I am now too old for bikinis according to my daughter.That's one plus point.Oh and the fact the wrinkles get filled out more.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Thank you so much for that...it made me laugh so much...I will have to reciprocate with a pic of Lee, in his 'Buggles' glasses & shiny suit, on our wedding day!!

My arteries are hardening, just reading about that meal...sounds delicious though!! DO NOT present me with one of those cupcakes thank you very much or I will fall off the wagon BIG time!!!

Oh & by the way...no bikini required for Chicago...OAP style or otherwise!!!

Denise said...

Love love love those photos,I've got some classics of other half with his 'hair bear bunch' perm!
Those cup cakes look absolutely scrummy..

Rhona said...

Aren't our wedding photos wonderful to look at ;o). I love chicken alfredo but have never tried to make it. We used to order it in South Africa when we went out. I also like the sound of cinnamon added to the cream cheese icing for the carrot cupcakes. I've had to stop baking at the moment because I've put myself back on Weight Watchers (only just and willpower is seriously lacking!)

Sian said...

Brilliant wedding pics..we've been married for 22 years so ours are pretty similar! They really gave me a smile today :)


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