Saturday, 20 February 2010

2 men in a shower!!!!

The bathroom is finally all plumbed in.My Son has named my Husband and Andy the plumber- The chuckle Brothers.










I’m not sure which one is Chris?

Both of the above are of course much better looking than this pair.

Andy certainly has the right accent as he’s from Doncaster.Poor thing.

And Chris did on our Wedding Day have a Chuckle Brother moustache  (and hair)

I left the two of them in the shower assembling the cubicle-“to me ,to you” and popped to my sisters and off to St Albans for a spot of  finishing touches shopping.

Armed with a pad and pencil I had to dash around my Sisters house as if was Ann Maurice,The House Doctor.

My Sister will admit she doesn’t have the eye for detail like I do.Or in other words the OCD or anal retentive gene that I have.Her house has just gone up for sale and she had two viewings within half an hour of me arriving.

She needs to sell it pretty fast,as she owes me a ton of money,plus interest.Poor old me has been having to go without.

Sometimes you just can’t see what's in front of you,and you need a fresh pair of eyes.So I am sure Dave is thrilled to now be repainting the spare room,waxing all the wood,and rubbing the staircase trim down.Among a few other jobs.

Last I heard they were on their way to Ikea to replace all the crappiest lampshades I have ever seen.

So I hope they will get a quick sale so they can start planning the interior of their new house just around the corner.Hang on let me rephrase that “ so that I can plan the interior!!!! Me and Andrea couldn’t be more different when it comes to decorating she’s Miss Beige and I LOVE colour and “stuff”.She spends three months trying to make a decision and then goes for what I told her in the first place!!!!Kitchen in point Andrea!

This building site is her new home.

I grabbed the opportunity to have a photo shoot with the girls.I even jumped on the trampoline,but my bladder wasn’t up to it.Unlike Tayas????

My Sister has kindly said the girls can come and live with me when I start Karen Russell's photography course in June.Sadly I had to decline the offer.My nerves wouldn’t be able to take it.

I put together a layout with some of the scraps left from the Crafty Stash crop kit.

I finally got around to the third crop layout by Tracie Hudson.I love how varied all the layouts have been from this kit.Plus I still have loads of stash left to play with.

















          (home is where the heart is)


Scrappi Sandi said...

Chuckle Brothers indeed!! I would love to have seen Chris with hair & 'tache!!

Great shots of the girls..Tanya on the trampoline...I don't think I could ever get myself in that position, even at that age!!!!

Fab LO's...wasn't there just so much left over in that kit!!

Karen Russell said...

Looking forward to having you in class!!!

Hilary J said...

Another Karen Russell comment - you'll be teacher's pet soon. I love that birdhouse photo.


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