Sunday, 30 October 2011

look who we caught up with


You may remember we were burgled in June this year.


Well Thomas has been sentenced, and Chris was lucky enough to be able to deal with him in person.


He had aged during his time in prison. It would seem it was his 50th birthday!

It isn’t really Thomas, it’s his doppelganger Dennis. Dennis was one of Chris best mates at school and Dennis was known as second hand man, as he always asked out Chris girlfriends when they split up. The last girl Chris went out with before me, was Cheryl. She was the reason, I said yes to a blind date when Chris rang me out of the blue. I had recently come out of a long relationship at 16 years old, and he had been waiting for me for years. I was very impressed when he told me on the phone he had just split up with Cheryl. She was the IT girl of Stevenage, where we grew up. She was stunningly beautiful. It would seem no one ever asked her out as she was so intimidating. My hubby is never intimidated, so he asked her out. Probably over the phone like me.

I thought, God he must be handsome! So I agreed to a blind date. Meanwhile Dennis had jumped in and asked Cheryl out. They ended up getting married the same year as us and went on to have a boy and girl at the same time.


When we saw the image of our burglar on the internet, it put all our minds at rest to see he looked so like Dennis. He bites his bottom lip just like Dennis always does. He looks the spitting image of Dennis at 22.

Last night Cheryl arranged a surprise 50th party for the birthday boy. I got to boogie on the dance floor until my sleeping tablets kicked in and Chris got to catch up with old friends from school.


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