Sunday, 2 October 2011

It’s a wrap

Was the title of a previous magazine article our old home was featured in.

2011 Sept shoot

Last week. We went to Columbia Road to stock up on flowers and cupcakes for a shoot that was going to take place at our home.

2011 Sept shoot1

25 Beautiful Homes magazine were sending this, amazing interiors photographer and a stylist. I was very excited as everyone knows both of these things are my favourite things to do.

I had learnt from my previous magazine shoot that a lot of my things would get moved. But I was a bit shocked quite how much got removed in some of the rooms. After they had finished in our main sitting room. It didn’t look anything, like how I style it. Tasmin came home from work at this point and was sad to see our home stripped of its character.

I had stressed we don’t drink tea/coffee, and that previously I’d had to sit with a mug in hand in the previous shoot. It’s not me. I don’t really drink hot drinks. But yet again, my sitting room was set up as if we were going to settle down with a tray of tea. Not us at all. All my orchids and candles removed.

2011 Sept shoot2

I had made lots of cakes, scones and biscuits that I wanted used with the cupcakes in a afternoon tea set up in the garden. I knew they would want a picture of me for the feature, and I told them this would be the most authentic setting for me. (Or me baking in the kitchen.) So Linda and I started setting up the shoot area. But the stylist wanted everything as plain as possible. I wasn’t allowed my Anthropologie tablecloth. The table I wanted or my beautifully patterned tea cups.  Or even the area of the garden I wanted it shot in.


Even my homemade lemon curd victoria sponge didn’t make the cut. Fingers crossed the shot they took will make the magazine. As they also took some of me sat in the conservatory.



2011 Sept 28th Mita leaving



I had a lovely, but tiring, long day. It turned out Maggie, the stylist had written one of my most used interiors books. So she kindly signed it for me.

She was also a devout Christian and had written me something that she said had come to her, that morning from God for me.




She also said she had been praying for me to have a speedy recovery and did a spot of spiritual healing on my problem areas. She assured me I would have a pleasant pain free nights sleep. But unfortunately I was up at 12, worse than normal !!

So hopefully our home will go into a summer edition sometime in 2012.

I’ll let you all know……


Scrappi Sandi said...

Love those photo's in the last post! I had heard a little about your day with the stylist & photographer from Linda & now can't wait to see the magazine article...Gail & Mary want to know which issue to buy too!!!

Hope to see you really soon...I'm doing overtime this week but will be in touch to arrange something soon...hope you're enjoying a 'pain controlled' Indian Summer!!

alexa said...

That all sounds very exciting - even if it didn't quite turn out how you'd envisaged ... Do let us know when it's out!


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