Saturday, 1 October 2011

I’m a busy bee

at the moment.

I have had so many projects on the go, I can’t tell you.

Today I am joining my first, and hopefully not the last Scott Kelby Worldwide photo walk. I’m a wee bit worried as my walk only has me and the organiser down for the walk. But as he runs the Bishops Stortford camera club, I expect (hope) the majority of them will be going. I’m not really a landscape photographer, but I am really trying to hone my camera and editing skills. In fact my editing skills are almost non existent.

Recently, I have been asked if I would take some “snaps” for people. How could I say no. I was preparing a disc for the mum yesterday and As I looked back through the images from early September, I was very pleased with myself.

The mum is a teacher and very cleverly, used reverse psychology on her daughter. On the way here, she said to her “Karen's, a very good photographer you know.” To which Amy replied “do you think she would take some pictures of me?” And so that is exactly what I did.


Amee Jack edited

Of course I couldn’t leave her little brother out.


Amee Jack edited1


I always let the parents choose their favourites for me to edit. So that way they always choose the image that they feel captures their child. Unfortunely that means they are not always the best composed or lit images. But she was so happy and arrived with a bug bunch of flowers and a card yesterday.

I learnt, I have to really look into how to take an image, when it is backlit and to avoid patches of dappled light.

The family have been putting the images to good use already. As party thank-yous and Jack’s were used as part of a school project about him. His teacher commented to his mum what beautiful pictures.

That's all the thanks I need.

Oh, and she let me in on a little secret yesterday. She is pregnant with her third. So I said ,after my recuperation I will happy to snap that bump and the little new born.


Hilary J said...

Lovely photos. Enjoy the walk!

debs14 said...

Wait a moment ... my husband was a very enthusiastic member of the Bps Stortford camera club back in the 80s - what a coincidence. Does this mean that you live close to B/S?
Enjoy your walk - it's a glorious day for being outside!


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