Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I’m all packed

Well if you know me at all , you will know I have been packed for weeks.

I LOVE packing. The majority of the clothing I am taking to hospital is all brand new. I wanted to wear light, comfy bright nightwear. The nurse on my pre-hospital day advised me to buy /bring front fastening clothes, as I won’t be allowed to lift my arms up. So I had to have a sort through my wardrobe and purchase a few more new things.










I absolutely adore my Longchamp suitcase I bought years ago. It cost an arm and a leg, but it has been all around the World with me, and it always makes me feel good.

A sweet girl bought me the beautiful scarf at the top of the pile. I was so touched that she came with a good luck card and this lovely prezzie. I had remarked on her scarf the last time I saw her and she went out and bought me one. How lovely is that.


I’m taking a few scarfs to brighten up my nightwear.


Some new slippers have had to added to the mix , as the nurse wasn’t happy about me wearing Crocs for the physio sessions I will need.


Some bright loose fitting clothing, for if I am feeling up to getting dressed.

Some reading matter and lots of DVDs I have been wanting to watch for months. My iPod and my daughters iPod touch. And I couldn’t go without my hair straighteners



A book I am hoping to fill great chunks of.

I have another Cath Kidston big bag filled with snacks. A hot water bottle, as I can’t sleep without something warm. Some baby wipes. And I have lots of other things to be added at the least minute. Food may be a major issue for me in hospital. Even in a restaurant , there is rarely more than one thing I can eat. My last stay in hospital I had to be made toast, as I don’t eat sandwiches, fruit or yoghurt that was offered.

I have been told that eating maybe an issue, anyway after the surgery , due to everything being moved to get to my disc at the back. Today is the start of my low residue diet leading up to the surgery. So I may not be eating properly for the next two weeks, until I return home.

I was hoping I could be brought food by visitors, but the hospital won’t allow any meals to be bought in. If I haven’t eaten for days, I may get someone to sneak me a sausage roll in.



alexa said...

Wishing you well, and hoping it all goes smoothly.

kym said...

Hi Karen hope all goes well...I'v been away so just catching up on your blog today...will be thinking of you if you need any help when you return home house work or shopping etc please let me wishes
kym xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

LOL at that array of snacks!! I knew fruit pastilles had to be in there somewhere!!! But...hasn't Teddy replaced those chocolate digestives he snuck from your 'hospital' stash yet?!!!

Hilary J said...

I'm sitting in Panera having a coffee & catching up with my emails. Good to see you're all prepared. Fingers crossed it brings you the outcome you are hoping for. Xx


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