Sunday, 9 October 2011


The pain came back yesterday.

Who would think I would be glad to say that. But after my blog post yesterday, you might understand how being pain free was confusing me. But after a painful evening in front of the TV watching XFactor and then an even more painful sleepless night. It was just what I needed to remind me, I need to do something about my back.

Whilst I was having that well spell, I was able to comfortably sit down for hours on end. So I took advantage and got down to the task of editing some pictures, I took a few weeks ago of a family I met at a party.

I was blessed on the day with the weather, It was warm, sunny but with a nice covering of soft cloud. Just enough to stop any spots of broken light on my scenes I had set up.

I invited Anna Bowkis along for the shoot. She has recently set up as a professional photographer, offering lifestyle style photography. I was talking to friends about the shoot and how challenging it is for a photographer to shoot black skins, and it has been even harder for me to edit them in Elements. They rolled their eyes and gave me “the look " numerous times that it shouldn’t be talked about. It would be seen as been racialist. I see it more as being a realist. I had warned the couple that neither of us had shot black skins before, and it would be a steep learning curve for us both.

We had both posted questions on our respective professional forums we belong to for help. But it would seem we were not alone. Nobody else had dared shoot black skins. So we read as much as we could and got down to the task in hand.

Of course we practised on each other before the family arrived. We discussed white balance and using the reflector. We talked poses and locations. But as always it all went out of the window, when they arrived. I didn’t do one white balance reading !!.

2011 Sept 24th pull backs from shoot

It was certainly a challenge as any shoot with a new-born and a 19 month old toddler would be. I found myself singing the wheels on the bus, VERY loudly. I didn’t even know I still knew the words after 20 years. But hopefully one thing I can do is engage people. With my big mouth its a given.


Tomorrow Farayi is coming to pick up the finished edited images and all of the out takes I didn’t use. I am sure she will be very pleased with them.

I mean they were FREE.


She has loved sharing them with her friends and family on Facebook and some will be winging their way to family in Nigeria. It’s nice to think my hours of hard work will be appreciated and loved.















The only thing concerning me is. These were all edited on my colour calibrated monitor and they look a but wish washy on here.

I was hoping to make her a scrap layout as a prezzie ,but I haven't got time today. I am waiting for my sister to arrive with my nieces as it’s my daughters 21st birthday.

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Scrappi Sandi said...

Phew!! Glad to hear that resolve back!!!

These photo's are wonderful...what a good looking family & that baby is just beautiful!



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