Saturday, 15 October 2011

Boo…. Am I scary?


I got this idea for a fun, different looking pumpkin from a Martha Stewart magazine, hubby brought me back from Chicago. The eyeballs are from Sainsbury's.

Luckily there were 3 in the packet. As I was straightening one of his wonky eyes, it popped into his head. So phew, that third eye came in handy.

Tasmin couldn’t resist the maraca shaped squashes, when we went pumpkin shopping.


As I have been feeling so well, and can now sit down for long periods. I booked myself onto an advanced Canon photography course. I got a bit excited when I found out my camera can video with sound. I have no idea why this had passed me by. I knew it could video, but the sound was a surprise to me. The only problem is I can’t work out how to watch them on my computer. They don’t download with the Jpegs ??

2011 Oct PumpkinsI still can’t believe, that before June 2010, I didn’t have a clue what an ISO or aperture was. I can talk, camera talk now, and I even know what I mean. I’m still learning, and I regularly have ah ha moments, when things come together. This day bought it’s own surprises. In front of me sat an amazing wedding photographer, and we are planning to met up. It’s weird how people appear when you least expect it, but you are ready for them. I am excited about the future that is heading my way.

I have booked myself a place as an auditor on my mentors January photography workshop. She taught me everything I now know and I love her style of photography. But this time during the workshop, my Photoshop mentor, Erin is going to join us for the first time. It was a chance I couldn’t miss.

It will be great to redo the entire workshop, when I know I will get loads of new ah ha moments. Things should fall into place this time, now I don’t have so much to learn. I will have months of weekly assignments and pushing myself to achieve. And last time I was a bit of a chatterbox on the class forum, from which I made lots of new lasting friends.

Then for May 2012, I have taken a huge leap of faith and booked myself on my ultimate photography idols workshop, here. I can’t wait to see what an Aussie will do with our (lack of) light here in the UK.

I’m exciting to think what I will be able to achieve after all their help and knowledge, filters it’s way into my brain.


If I can achieve these images, from a shoot this week filled with flaws. Think what I could achieve when I have complete control.


I hope my usual lack of models won’t set me back for the assignments. So hopefully my nieces above, will come to my rescue, along with two new models I shot this week.



Oh and I didn’t win the best photo from the Bishops Stortford photowalk with the image below. Unsurprising to me and Tasmin, Andrew  the leader choose his best mates image. You can see it here.

Hey, I’m not bitter. (well, just a little bit ) As I learnt on my camera class this week. Men like pictures of things and views, and us women like pictures of people.



Scrappi Sandi said...

Imagine indeed!! I don't think you can have much more to learn!! But enjoy those courses anyway!! Amazing shots of Andreas girls & you was robbed...Tasmin is waaaay more appealing than a canal side bike ride!! What do men know?!!

alexa said...

Great pumpkin! Your course looks very interesting - that lady certainly travels the world! And your photos will hold their own any day. :)


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