Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I bet my burglar is gutted he was holed up in prison last night.


His area was in chaos and flames last night. The area where he caught a train from to visit our small market town.

An area full of low life, thugs and looters just like him.

He was really missing out on all the “fun”.

I saw a Jessops being looted on TV, no doubt someone now has some great lenses to go with my stolen Canon 7D camera. Sad thing is they won’t have the brains to use them. Their only images will be of the standard gang gun finger salutes.

My poor brother in law is on his way home from holiday today. He will be straight on the streets tomorrow, in his role as a Metropolitan police officer. What a lovely thing to return home to.

We are supposed to be going to London jewellery shopping this weekend. My insurance money has been paid out and I wanted to look for new pieces. It looks like we may have to rethink our plans now . Jewellery, trainers, phones and sportswear are these wankers preferred stolen goods. That’s what gives them kudos in their small insular little World.

My favourite flower market in London is right in the middle of it all. The market is right next to one of the worst housing estates in London. An area ruled by drug dealers and intimidation. People who have and never will work. Have never and will never pay taxes and live off their criminality and benefits. Have no education and see criminality as the Holy Grail. Putting them in prison just keeps them off the streets for a while. It just gives them another badge to brag about. Just gives them even higher status and the chance to learn more criminal skills.

There is no solution. They have nothing they fear. Maybe just letting them continue to fight amongst themselves. Killing each other and shop owners abandoning their areas. Leaving them to live in even shittier ghettos. No go areas. Maybe then they will realise their lives are crap because they made them that way.

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Tracy said...

It is just awful isnt it, makes you so mad!


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