Thursday, 14 July 2011

Do you know this man?

A burglary makes you take stock of things that matter in your life.

We now have peace of mind after having an alarm system put in,and a safe for anything, like our laptops we would  have been devastated to  have lost.

Hubby has talked to the police today to find out about our very own burglar. He had wanted to know his name and wants to go to the High Court when he is sentenced. They said he’s a crack addict who lives in London. Everyday he pops on a train out to Essex or North Hertfordshire and burglars some random house. Then he pops back, and sells his stash for his daily fix. So of course my Project Life photograph for that day, is one of the MANY wanted police images of him.

Fullscreen capture 14072011 135455

It puts my mind at ease, as it shows we weren’t targeted or watched. We were just unlucky. The police have finally told us nothing was recovered so we are trying to push the insurance company for a pay out. It is very hard to keep a Project Life album going without a camera. As I am sure you can imagine. I’ve even resorted to buying postcards of my town to use!

I have left my small point and shoot camera in Spain for my daughter. So no doubt she will return home with just a couple of images. Luckily I have kept my on-line Oh Life diary going and I used to take “stock” photos of random things for days when I couldn’t think of anything to capture. I’m hoping to replace my DSLR this weekend and will be window shopping at Chanel & Tiffany to decide if I am going to replace all the jewellery I lost.

One of my concerns from the burglary was the fact that the bugger stole my external hard drive. If he had found my laptop as well, all my digital images would have been lost. I do print lots and have them backed up on CDs. But it started me thinking “what if we’d had a fire?” We would have lost all our albums, and backed up photos.

I have some backed up on the web with Picasa, but there is a limit to how many it will store. CDs are supposed to have a best by date, and can fail. Plus we all know how fast technology has changed over the years and that whatever format we use will become obsolete at some point. I mean remember videos?

So after reading an Erin Cobb blog about  a photo site Shutterfly, I have started backing up all my images to their site.The storage is unlimited and free. FREE…. They never delete an image. And for the lucky people in the States, they are one of the cheapest photo labs. It is a tedious job and I spent all day and night organising 2010’s. I am going to put a copy of the link and password in our safe. In that way if anything ever happens to me, everyone will know I have done it and how to access them.

Has anyone heard about this amazing new service that is being offered ?I read an article about it here. Imagine having a recording of a loved one, talking about their life. It’s such a shame it costs £700…

Whilst writing this the door bell rung. It was a police officer with a pile of these signs for my door.


I was so pleased as I had downloaded a sign from here. But these ones are fab. I had quite a chat with the officer, he is an avid photographer. I told him that my burglar is now my picture of the day for Project Life.

And for a laugh here’s a picture of me on holiday wearing my new hip brace. Try and guess which one is me.

Screen Captures

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