Friday, 18 March 2011

Woooo Hooooooo

Its 3.37am and I have been awake since 3am. I can’t take another batch of painkillers until 3.45am. So I’ve been standing here surfing the net to occupy my time. Thank God for the net.

As we all know the time on a computer just disappears.

So I’ve read all the up to the minute news stories to do with the sad Japanese earthquake. I’ve even taken some shots of my computer screen for a prompt for the Joy of Luck class. joy-of-luck-500-px-logo

You had to take a shot of something you are grateful for. For me it is the heroic and selflessness of the workers working hard at the nuclear plant trying to save the Planet. Knowing that they risk almost certain death.



The news of the earthquake will feature in my Project Life this week. As I am sure it is going to be something that will be remembered for a very long time.

So then I started catching up my Google reader saved blogs. Up came the famous Pioneer Woman’s blog. I along with millions of other people, LOVE her blog. I even bought her cookery book, when I was in the States last year.

I had read about her current Photography assignment only the other day. The title was Beauty. Now, I have submitted images in the past, but the standard of entries is EXTREMELEY high. I mean there are 44,581 members on her Flickr page alone. Just check them out. The standard is awesome. Lots of the entries are made by professional photographers,using lots of Photoshop techniques. Her blog is one of the most read blogs in the World.

But I thought oh well, why not submit an image of mine that came straight to mind. I started reading Rees blog post for her final day of submissions in this twilight hour. I was stood rooted to the spot with tears in my eyes when I saw she had picked my image as one of the chosen ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo Hooooooo……………


Check out the lovely comments I got on my Flickr page.

Here’s the image I used. Weirdly it’s unphotoshopped as I didn’t know how to use it at, at all back in July 2010.


So I am supppppper excited to have been chosen and I’m sure Tasmin will be pleased to hear a shot of her was chosen in a beauty category, even though her head was chopped off.

So I am going to head back to my bed now it’s 4.20am, but I doubt I’ll be able to sleep from the excitement.

Oh and by the way, even though I am awake from the pain. My levels have gone back down again. Last week was just a blip, as I hoped. I am just getting on with my life and taking steps to strengthen my body.


Scrappi Sandi said...

WoooHooo indeed!! That is one of my all time favourites of your photo's as you you deserve the acclaim for it!! ...& even better that it was all done WITHOUT photoshop & just relied on your good eye for a perfect shot!!

So glad the pain is receding again & hope to see you soon! :)

Elizabeth said...

That photo is really amazing. It could easily win. I am so impressed! I, too, find the submissions for her contests to be really competitive and kind of extreme. It's almost not fair that professionals can compete!

alexa said...

That's lovely news! How affirming! Especially great that it's a proper it-is-as-it-was photo. keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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