Tuesday, 22 March 2011

She says it all perfectly



My life told in my way.

Project Life week eleven.



Of course how could I not mention the terrible tragedy happening in Japan.


So I used one of Becky’s special double journaling cards and I have written all the News facts, as of that date. I copied a map off the web of where the earthquake hit.  All of the journaling is hidden inside, on 3 pages.

I added a tag from a dress I bought this week, that summed up my feelings about being featured on The Pioneer Woman's blog.


I’d just like to share with you a link to the winning “Beauty” photograph. I had my fingers crossed it would be the one I picked, and it was. Stunning.

The comments are worth reading, as the photo really makes you think.

Which reminds me I have to go, now and send some replies to the lovely people who commented on my entry.


Phew, I’ve needed a tea break this week. I have been mega busy.

And I don’t even really drink tea!!!!!

Well, I will if its offered with this…………………………….


My little piece of Heaven.



alexa said...

What a lovely lot of things in this post! Your Project Life is coming along wonderfully and I love the dress tag! Thank-you for that link to Stunning - I'd love to look like that one day! And many congrats on getting as far as you have :). Here's to tea and scones on the lawn in some warm Spring sunshine ...

Scrappi Sandi said...

Phew! just finished drying my hair!!!! Isn't it glorious, this Spring weather, but I'll have to make do with a black coffee in the garden...no scones for me!! The winning photo was indeed a stunner...& I love the phrase about your hair being 'loved off'!! Project Life is just the best thing you've done, isn't it...you have a real passion for it, it's easy to see!


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