Monday, 14 March 2011

Project Life-Weeks 8-10

Life flies so fast. I didn’t have time to post my week 8+ pages of Project Life. So here is a triple dose to catch up.



I have actually used a different picture to the one of the stuffed toy rabbit. Hubby was in Sweden for the week so I used a collage of pictures he took in the place of the “stock” rabbit picture.

I have quite a collection of stock pictures now. They will no doubt come in useful in the next 9 months when I am stuck for an image.


the one of Hubby eating his breakfast was a stock photo. He has the same thing for breakfast every day. So on a day when nothing much happened, it came in useful.





An insert and scrapped page of our photo shoot.


plus I have added a great pocket envelope from Staples to hold any paper work from the year. It was a bargain at just 50p. The first letter in it, will be joined by copies of our Census form. The first letter informs us that we have been refunded our clamping fee, from our little episode in London recently.

Well that’s Project Life up to date. I am going to print off my next three pictures in a moment to start this week off.

I am sat here with my good leg, all puffed up like a balloon. Typical that my pain has gone up a few notches since I saw the Consultant. I have had no respite over the weekend. I had to sleep the entire night with my leg out of the bed, standing on the floor. Its not a comfortable position, and it only partially worked last night. The result is a balloon foot and leg. My son was horrified when he saw it this morning.

So I am going to suffer a few more days, to see if it’s just a blip, or if the nerve root injection is coming to an end. Then it will be a trip to the Drs about me maybe trying morphine patches or just something stronger than codeine.

We went looking for a new car for me yesterday. I tried every SUV and 4 wheel drive. From a Honda right up to a BMW. But the only one that was comfortable for me, was what I drive now, a Citroen Picasso. But unfortunately I don’t need the new shape with seating for about 10! The next one down, doesn’t come in an automatic, which I need. So we came to the happy conclusion that it will be another second hand Picasso, but automatic this time. Mind you I couldn’t have driven anything yesterday as the pain was toooooo bad.

We had a little trip to the new Cath Kidston factory shop, just up the road. Tasmin came away with lots of fabulous goodies and I bought a baby changing bag?????



It makes a fabulous camera bag. It came with a bottle holder that fits one of my lens perfect. A waterproof mat, which will be great to kneel on in a shoot. Plus it fits my laptop so it will be perfect to use as hand luggage on a plane.


We couldn’t resist something for Teddy and he LOVES it.



Scrappi Sandi said...

I looked at those baby changing bags & thought 'Oooh! perfect for a laptop!!' but I ran out of time as Lee came back for me!! Love Teddy's bed too!! Project life is looking really will definitely be a real family heirloom when it's done! LOL at Ryans photo's all being 'altered'...looks like you do it with real love !!!!

Alexa said...

What a great bag find! Love how you are progressing with your album - great idea to have some 'stock' shots... So sorry to read about your pain, and leg, and the awfulness of it. Amazing you keep going and can be so cheerful - a testament to your courage and grit. :)


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