Friday, 25 March 2011

Blame me

if this run of beautiful weather suddenly changes.




I decided yesterday to get rid of all the dark winter clothes in my wardrobe and to bring out some of my missed, colourful clothes.

So I opened up my wardrobes and the fun began.





Hang on.

You didn’t think for one minute that they could possibly be Miss OCD’s wardrobes did you?

The above belongs to my daughter. All her clothes get ironed and then screwed up by her!! The hanging rail remains almost empty. Why, I have no idea.

I swear we bought the wrong child home from hospital.

Now this is more like it.





Out came all my boxes of “summer” clothes and the process began.


Teddy of course came to help me.


My holiday attire was sorted into one box and then I put the real summery bits into another.

I found a great box that I can store some of my, many, Ugg boots in, standing up. I still kept the lighter, coloured ones in my wardrobe.




All the winter things were stored away in the linen cupboard on top of the Ugg box.  Nice and easy to get to when no doubt the weather turns for the inevitable worst again.





And Voila a new Spring wardrobe.




Have you had the urge to give your wardrobe a spring clean. Or are you like Tasmin?









On my quest to get better, I joined a newly opened Pilates Gym yesterday.


It could inevitably cut my driving time and cost down of my Pilates sessions. They were very knowledgeable and backed up everything Teejay has been telling me at Applied Pilates. So, I am starting with one class a week with them and continuing  with Teejay just for the near future.

I have been put in a rehabilitation class with a trained physio and Pilates teacher. The class has the least amount of people in, so that I will get almost 1-1. Apparently, the others are all over 70 and suffering from MS and Parkinson's. So, at least I’ll be the youngest.

Poor people, they don’t know what’s about to hit them.

I hope they don’t mind swearing!!!!!


Scrappi Sandi said...

Funny you should mention it!! I had the urge yesterday & now my ironing basket is empty & all my clothes are hung on new,slim, non slip hangers (thanks TKMaxx!) in my nice & tidy wardrobe!! Doesn't it feel good?!!! is supposed to turn cold & grey again over the weekend, so have we been a bit premature do you think?!!!

I would love to be a fly on the wall when you hit Gosling!! You'll probably breathe new life into your fellow classmates!!!

alexa said...

Yep, I am feeling the urge to find some lighter colours too! Looking forward to hear(ing how the Pilates class goes ... My Mum has Parkinson's, so I am always on the look-out for things which might help her.). I am sure you will be a lively addition!


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