Sunday, 27 February 2011

Am I my Mothers daughter ?

My mothers friends used to call her Hyacinth Bucket after the character in Keeping up appearances.

How weird is it that when I was telling a friend we were off to buy a couple of sofas from Harrods. She said it reminded her of the episode where Hyacinth took delivery of a new 3 piece suite from a prestigious store. She wanted to make sure all the neighbours were aware of the delivery.

I joked with her that I doubted it would come in one of their famous green vans. It would surely come direct from the manufacturer. But I asked when we ordered the sofas, and it would seem a Harrods van will make the delivery.

So is it too Hyacinth of me to advice the police that my delivery may make the road outside my house hazardous and that maybe it would be a good idea to stop the traffic. And should I contact The Comet local paper so they could get a shot of the occasion????

The truth is, we purchased the sofas from Harrods, not because it would be good bragging material. But because, believe it or not, it was the cheapest place !!!

We found their customer advice was second to none. In buying the sofas from them we saved £2,800 !!!! Then they talked me out of having the cushions made in the designer fabrics I had chosen. It would have added an extra £1000+ to the reduced price. She showed me some silks that could be made up for free. Then I could buy the designer fabrics myself, and get them made up much cheaper. I mean that is service.

I was fully prepared to part with the full sum of money. But I came away feeling I had got the right product  for me and there knowledge was second to none.

She even made a note for the factory to fill my back cushions with extra feathers so they can support my back better. The salesman who we had initially dealt with, rang us today to thank us for mentioning how pleased we were with his service.

So while I may appear to be a Hyacinth Bucket, I am actually just very shrewd and do my homework before buying something.

Its funny how because I am so tight, I turn out to seem extravagant ?

The funniest thing about yesterday was we were virtually skipping back to the car, because of the money we’d saved.

But we returned to the car to find this.

2011 feb 27th

Hubby had put our parking ticket on the dashboard upside down……

All I'm, saying is, I‘m glad it wasn’t me……….


Scrappi Sandi said...

OMG talk about 'Good News...Bad news'!!!! I bet he felt silly!!!

When we lived in St Albans we used to have 48 mince pies & chocolate tree decorations from Harrods delivered each Christmas...they came in a 'green' van with a liveried driver!! I loved it!!!...& I got staff discount!!

alexa said...

Oh no! That would have taken the edge off my day. Luckily you seem to be very philosophical!

Andrea said...

omg you are so Hyacinth number 2,BUT I AM NOT Osnslow ,got in before you said that !! How annoying was that parking ticket


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