Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Holy Grail

I had a good night for a change, and I took full advantage of the 3/10 pain. We spring cleaned, some of our rooms and started with the never ending task of boxing our Christmas decorations away. I even sorted my larder and freezer.

Snugglesafe_Heat_Pad_Dog_Bed_Warmer_With_Free_CushionBut by 2pm the pain was back.So I have Teddy's heat pad, tucked down my knickers and my TENS machine pulsing away.


I even managed a quick dunk in the bath.I took a scrapping magazine in there with me ??? I still forget that I can’t sit back and relax.

I think the day when my back pain disappears, I shall make a visit to my sister.

Why you might ask ?

Well, years ago my grandparents didn’t have a bathroom, just an outside toilet. A couple of times a year they would visit us by train from London. Within minutes of arriving my granddad would  pop upstairs to the bathroom and lay forever in a hot bubble bath.

In my sisters new house, she is in the process of having her ensuite bathroom installed. (Well it was installed, but after two baths its been discovered that something is leaking, straight on to their newly plastered/painted kitchen ceiling. Bloody plumbers!)

But what her bathroom has, that is like the Holy Grail to me is a flat screen TV at the end of her bath.


This isn’t her bath, but its very similar.

In fact we think its a retractable shower head , just like the one in the picture that is the leaking culprit.


So, I think I may be like my Granddad pay her visit, say how lovely it is to see them all. Grab a copy of OK magazine and relax away in her bath, up to my ears in bubbles with something educational on the TV like The Kardashians. Bliss.

As my house is finished at last. (After 3 LONG years ) I will try and share with you images of my sisters house, as it nears completion.

That's if it ever does get finished.

My sister is a wee bit indecisive. In fact her husband has the patience of a saint to put up with her. The house could have been finished ages ago, but it takes her forever to make even the smallest decision. I must have been asked 5 times to choose which sample of carpet I like.

So have all her friends. but the samples still lay on the boarded floor waiting for that moment Andrea has a eureka moment and makes a choice.

The other day I received a call on my mobile from her. She was stood in a shop with a rug she liked for her sitting room.

She asked me “should she buy it ? "

“Was it the right colour, shape, size or pile.”

I had to point out that unlike her I couldn’t see it.

“Did she like it? “I asked

“yes” but she wasn’t sure.

This is just one of many calls I have received over the past year of a similar kind. So I think for 2011 Andreas One Little Word should be DECISION.

Please God .

One decision I shall make for her is she needs to promptly order one of these.


Regular readers of my blog may remember  the day my sisters new kitchen was installed. here

She has THREE ovens.

And she doesn’t cook!!!!

So for Christmas day it was decided “we” would cook the meal at her house.I was looking forward to using the steam oven.I had wanted one in my new kitchen, but was talked out of it by the designers.

Well, now I see why.

All that steam has to go somewhere when you open the oven. A huge cloud of steam escapes when you open the door and everything you touch from inside gets wet.

Andrea had kindly washed her main oven gloves the day before and they were still very damp. She didn’t realise that that is a definite no no when moving very hot items from an oven. So I avoided them like the plague. But as time went on and all three ovens were in service the other oven gloves and tea towels became damp from the steam. I found this out as I reached in for the turkey. My right hand found a damp patch. The pain was unbearable, I threw the turkey onto the worktop and promptly plunged my water into cold water. And that is where it stayed for an hour.


I tried to not let it spoil anyone's day, but boy did it hurt.

I had to give instructions for the rest of the cooking ,and I struggled to eat my dinner as I couldn’t hold my cutlery properly.

In fact, today is the first day I can feel my finger tips again.



The sad thing was I couldn’t take any photos for ages. Even when I could I had to resort to the auto setting.

A shame as I had set up an area for a photo shoot. I’d brought props and everything.



Anonymous said...

I had wondered how your day went. Too bad about your fingers - did the pain from your fingers take your mind off your back pain.

Glad to hear you are having some pain free time.


Scrappi Sandi said...

OUCH!! Bet you're glad you decided agaist a steam oven now!! Sounds like too many cons vs pro's to me!!

London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan said...

We love the tripod monster!

Nice work on the blog by the way :O)


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