Friday, 14 May 2010

To make matters worse

Well I still can’t walk properly and I am in constant pain from my sciatica.If that wasn’t bad enough I had a friend show up with her baby.It turned out she’d smuggled him out of hospital where he is in isolation.She was bored from being in the same room with him,so thought it a great idea to bring him to me.She neglected to tell me, till she was here,that although he is in for one complaint he is also ill with sickness and diarrhoea.

Well,within 24 hours I was 5 pounds lighter.I was just like Maggie one of the characters from Little Britain's Judy and Maggie sketch.If your not familiar with them ,let me just say projectile.

What made it SO much worse was the pain from having to kneel on the floor with my sciatica.Plus I couldn’t keep down any of my painkillers.

I took a sleeping tablet last night and woke this morning feeling much better.I just have the sciatica pain to contend with.

Before I had become ill,I had a phone call from my Sister asking me to give her some advice on some doorknobs.The builder had took it upon himself to drill all the doors and doorframes for my sisters new house.But he omitted to ask where she wanted them.


What you can’t tell from this photo is that they are very hard to open ,Your knuckles touch the door frame.added to the fact that they looked like they were too high up.


So I agreed with her for once and the builder has had to change every door in the house!



My Sister should be moving in next month if all goes to plan.The house is looking lovely.

They had started to fit her new kitchen the day I was there.

My sister had wanted the same style of kitchen as mine.But I pointed out to her MANY times it would not look right in her modern style house.I suggested a kitchen I had seen in a John Lewis advertisement and one I’d seen at my kicken planners.But NO she wanted mine.

Around and around she went trying to find one that was right and guess what,when I turn up its the exact one I chose in the first place!!!When will she learn to listen to me.

Now,one thing you won’t know about my sister is that she can’t cook.She is the exact opposite of me in nearly everything.I was dark she was blond.I have skinny legs she has tree trunk calf's.

So quite what she intends to do with THREE ovens is mind boggling!

Maybe beans in one,chicken dippers in another and chips in the last one.I said to her We’ll have Christmas dinner around yours this year.To which she replied only if you cook it!!

Apparently she is going to have about 6 different contraptions for her sink.Again for someone who doesn’t wash up or clean it occurred to her that may be excessive .We laughed at this point as it suddenly dawned on Andrea what my Dad would have said if he knew she’s spent his money on 6 taps!!!He used to never even have hot water from his to save money.

Another thing we differ on is I don’t drink alcohol whereas Andrea defiantly does.So it was with some surprise for her that the planners had included a drinks chiller in her plan.But  they obviously could smell the fumes from her and thought it would get well used.

The island was put in yesterday along with a “bling “chandelier extractor. I can’t wait to see how she is going to keep that clean.

Oh sorry I mean I can’t wait to see how her Husband is going to keep that clean.

Details aren’t my sisters strong point.When she showed me her new spy hole.It suddenly occurred to her that she’s too short to see out of it.And she had told the builder where to put it!

I like my clothes ordered in colour and type of article.They are all ironed and even if I was blind folded I could pull out the exact outfit I wanted.Anal yes I know.But I am much better than I was .

When I was younger and living at home .My clothes were kept on numbered hangers.Everything was inventorised.Why you might ask?Well the above sister used to like to “borrow” my expensive designer outfits.This was my way of keeping track of what she’d pinched.

Andrea has always been of the persuasion .The more clothes you have the better.Why buy one expensive article when you could get 10 cheap ones!

Her current home is piled high with washing and ironing.But when you dare to open a drawer or her wardrobe those 10 items are stuffed in with another 1000.Creased beyond recognition.

So I can’t wait to see what this room is going to turn out like.

Its going to be a huge walk in wardrobe.All I can say is thank God I threw lots of her OLD clothes away years ago.She still moans that I made her do it.She had clothes going back to the 70’s.

The house  I am sure is going to be lovely and I can’t wait to see how she is going to keep it clean and tidy.(You have your work cut out for you Dave)

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Andrea said...

oh charming thanks for telling the world about my tree trunks ive had to have counselling for that !! My extractor fan is soooo gorgeous i keep looking at my kitchen that I CHOSE after many painstaking days of looking and think im on grand designs i didnt even look at the john lewis one !! I do keep laughing about the spy hole though and Dave assures me that the flooring will be higher so i may see the top of the persons head ,as for my walk in wardrobe all i can say is shop shop shop Primark here i come!!!Just going to exercise my calfs!!


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