Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Z is for

Well that’s the lot,except for the handwritten note I have to do for the last page.

I have now got to go through and check all my fonts are the same,and I am going to make the flowered paper a lot smaller.

I would like to thank you all for proof reading my book.But the fact is I can’t .

Not one of you pointed out a bloody spelling mistake!!!!!

checked z


Scrappi Sandi said...

Well I'm very sorry missus, but if you will make the font so small that I can't even see it....!!! I even clicked on each page, thinking I could then enlarge it....but it just opens up a new window with the same sized image!!!! Maybe you need younger friends who don't need varifocals!!! I must add that all the pages are pleasingly balanced & you made some very good photo choices to illustrate each title...the only words I COULD read!!!

Dawn said...

Far too busy enjoying the read to notice any spelling mstakes, are ther ayn??? I agree with Sandi about the text but enlarged with the screen enlargement tool (wish it would work on other things!!!) Sorry it's come to an end.........will there be a sequel???

kym said...

I have loved reading your book, and like Dawn I was enjoying it to much to even notice any spelling mistakes, I should be packing for the Maldives but I had to finish reading it, P.s i'm wondering what is so personal about U & V !! xx

dandelion dreamer said...

Hi there all the pages you've been making...especially the 's' page...where did you get the MUG?!! I was thrilled to be GIVEN the ecourse with Shimelle...looking forward to it. M x


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