Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Phew I am knackered

Just spent 5 hours processing some images from a shoot I did today.

You may recognise the little Lily.I took some pictures for her mum Amy when she was just 3 days old.

Well they wanted some family pictures.So I obliged.

Of course a signature shot

mum and dad (pretending they liked each other!)

I can’t believe Amy is younger than my son.And a mother to two!

I have known Amy since she was as tiny as Lily.Is that showing my age?

and of course little Alfie

I find it practically impossible to get four people looking good at the same time in an image.Professional photographers certainly must earn their money.You need an assistant with you really.If only I had one,I could use a reflector and all my woes would disappear.They could ring bells and make funny noises whilst I concentrated on all my dials.

I’m better at one on one close ups.Then I can use the f stops I love.Listen to me talking photographers jargon.

I’ll be charging next.

I think not………..

I’m far too much of a perfectionist  for that.I’d never be happy with what I’d captured.And so I certainly couldn’t charge for it.

But smartie Flurry donations would be nice………

I now have RSI in my wrist and hand from holding my camera and twiddling all the dials.Plus my back has gotten bad again and my stick has had to be recovered from the cupboard.Hopefully it’s just a blip.

I’m off to bed with a cashew nut butter cookie I made.Ryan said why do I make such disgusting things (he hates nuts) So as he doesn’t like them I have to eat my way through two cake tins full.Oh well,no rest for the wicked…..


Dawn said...

Yet more fabulous photos - please don't think the lack of comments are because I don't love your work - quite the opposite - you have such a way with words I never really know what to put. I look forward to your next post all the time and it's been such a joy watching you grow in your talent and boy do you have talent :-)
I love Tracie's layouts and look forward to doing them but a change from websters might be nice! - she's doing a workshop at the end of Nov at 3 Jolly Scrappers which I'm looking forward to. Hope you have a fun filled day xx

Scrappi Sandi said...

If ever you need an assistant, just shout!! I saw some of these on facebook...I love the one of all four walking & not looking at the camera best.

Hope you're fully recovered asap...I'm reclining myself at the mo, with hot water bottle & laptop, as I have a stinker of a cold & ache all over!!!

Are you sure you don't need any help with those cashew butter cookies???!!!!

Kathy said...

Love the photo shoot, top location and beautiful family. Kathy (from Karen's course)


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