Monday, 4 October 2010

Mmm maltesers

Last week I went to the cinema to see eat prey/pray  love.Hilary thought it was hysterical,that it was spelt wrong on all the cinema signs.

I must admit I probably wouldn’t have noticed,unless it had been pointed out to me.But then I went to school in Stevenage, like the person who no doubt wrote it.

We all found the film a bit hard going at the beginning and the casting wasn’t up to scratch.How Julia Roberts character guessed  her new friend was from Scandinavia,when she had an American accent I don’t know.

But it was great to get out on a damp afternoon and eat Linda's maltesers.

In between the rain we’ve been having,we attempted to plant some of our freebie plants.Again I say the Royal “we.”I did try and help,by giving all the old plants a haircut.But the bending was giving my back jip.And my poor palm got a blister on it.So I left hubby to the rest.

One lunch time ,last week,I rang Hubby to see if he’d like me to take him for lunch.Its a rare treat for him and he gets quite excited.He always opens his office door with a big grin.Ahhhh.

I only took him for pizza though,because I had a buy one get one for a £1 voucher!!!!!

I even paid.Well with his money,but my bank card.Aren't I kind.

Oh that's just reminded me.I had my engagement ring repaired a few weeks ago.I lost a diamond on holiday in Chicago.Hubby went to pick it up from the jewellers for me.He said your rings on the side.

This is what I found………

Bit late,I did 24 years ago………

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