Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If you go down to the woods today….

you’ll be sure to find an irate boy and his mother…….

My son asked me on Sunday “would you like to photograph my car ?”

Erm not really………

So I asked him “would YOU like me to photograph your car?”

So off we went.He didn’t want anywhere dirty or too narrow roads to drive down.Hey,that car is his baby.

I wished he cleaned his bathroom and room as lovingly and as thorough as he does that car.

So we settled on just up the road at a wooded area.

I was quite pleased with the SOOC pictures and only removed the number plate.

I love all the reflections on the shiny paintwork.

Now at this point in the photo shoot,I asked my son if he wouldn’t mind just popping out of the car,so I could use him as a model.I had wanted to experiment with the light in this area for a while.But it had always been overcast on previous visits.It was a beautiful clear sunny day .Perfect.

Just one problem,said son wouldn’t get out of the car.So this mum refused to get back in.

I walked off into the wooded area whilst he drove along side me.We pleaded with each other.But I won.



I used my first action on a photo for this on.

It’s a Pioneer Women PSE one –seventies.












He nearly made me walk home as I had some mud on my shoes.

And God forbid I should get any on his carpets!!!

Such a shame he hates me taking his photo,he makes a great model.

Mind you he’d do it if I paid him.

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