Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I am still alive

but only just….

I’ve had a very busy week,well for me anyway.

Remember that amazing photography workshop I took with Karen Russell in the summer.Well there were a few of us who very prolific on the forum.Erin being one of them,she’s a Texan currently living over in Germany.

Everyone was encouraging me to attend a Scott Kelby Photoshop seminar in London.The fact that I would have to go on my own and like photography I am a complete novice,was putting me off booking a place.In fact i don’t even currently have full Photoshop!!

But Erin booked a place and I invited her to come and stay with us.


So it was with some trepidation on Erin and my husbands part we set off to pick her up from Stansted.I of course had no concerns.I knew she had the same sense of humour as me and as she loved all my favourite TV programmes,So I knew she was on my wavelength.Plus I can talk to anyone,I am known just to chat to random people!!!!

Chris had the giggles all the way to the airport.I thought he had a planned surprise secret for me.But it turned out he had the giggles because we had someone coming who he knew nothing about.


See they needn't have worried,we all got along famously.And the fact that Erin said she would love a crispy bacon roll for her packed lunch for the seminar sealed it for me.That's the only thing I eat in a sandwich.We must be twins separated at birth!!

Scott Kelby was a very good teacher and he made everything look very easy.I was pleased to find out my Photoshop elements had the majority of the actions I needed.I had my first play yesterday with a picture I had taken of a very reluctant model.After years of stress,alcohol and fags she wasn’t as fresh faced as she wanted to be.So I worked for hours trying to make her look nice and fresh.

I just couldn’t master the mask technique.Elements doesn’t have the layer so I had to download one but I just couldn’t get it to work for me.So I think I will download a CS5 trial monthly package and then have a play.

I wanted to make my models eyes pop how Scott had showed us.After much tweaking I couldn’t get it to work.

But I was pleased to note that when I posted it on her facebook page,she got lots of comments .One from someone who said she was very jealous as she hadn’t seen her for years and she hadn’t changed a bit.

Just the result I wanted.




It takes me hours to get results like this and Scott could do it in minutes.He had the added bonus of a pen tablet and I only have my laptop mouse pad.But who know after some more years of practice I may be happy with my photos!!!!!

One of the highlights of my day at The Design Centre,was popping to the toilets for a loo break and finding I had the choice of oodles of toilets,whilst the men's had a huge queue outside.Heaven.

The seminar was full of men.I hardly dared take a picture in case anyone was assessing my camera skills.I certainly ensured the dreaded flash stayed off.

At the end ,they asked us to fill out a questionnaire on what we thought of the course.Me and the man sat next to me,discussed whether they would give out freebies from the entries.But we decided no,and didn’t bother to fill them in.Imagine our horror when minutes later they said they were going to make a draw for a holiday to Florida and some other goodies.I could have cried.

The first couple of people who won,just put their hands up.The Americans running the event said,couldn’t we have a bit of a cheer if you won.So Erin said I’m going to raise my hands and shout out for the next one.Imagine our surprise when they called her name out.So she got to shout out after all.She won a DVD on Photoshop techniques.

An old lady won the trip to Florida and looked as excited as if she’d been told she only had weeks to live.Shame I didn’t fill that bloody form in.


Scrappi Sandi said...

So glad the visit & the seminar was a success! Can't wait to hear all about it in more depth...are you up for Shepreth on Thursday? If so shall I pick you up at 4.30pm? Ann will be there too this time...will Hilary still be away? Who was your reluctant model BTW? Is that Judith?

Dawn said...

I noticed you were missing and couldn't wait for your next post (Yes, I am going to comment on them all now!!!)
Lovely to hear you had a great time even if a little disappointing you missed the draw. Can't wait to see what you produce with your newly aquired skills. Are you going to Anna's crop on Sunday? Have fun if you go to Shepreth xx


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