Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Happy Birthday

I don’t know how it happened,but my daughter had her 20th Birthday today.

How can that be????

20 years ago she was born weighing 8lb 4ozs.I made sure she was born on the day she was due.I kept my legs crossed until just after midnight and then out she popped.

She was always a dream baby.I had never heard a baby coo before.My son Ryan just used to cry,vomit and squirm.I never spent a night walking the floor with her.She always loved her own bed and would drop off in an instant.After having over 3 years of snatched sleep with Ryan she was a revelation.

She restored my faith in my abilities as a mother,and made me realise each child is just different.

I always make a birthday cake,so even though she is away at University I’ve made a virtual one for her.

So here's your cake Tasmin,blow the candle out and make a wish……….

Happy Birthday xxxxx

1 comment:

Scrappi Sandi said...

'Many Happy Returns' to the birthday girl....or rather young woman! You are so right about children just being different! See you tomorrow at 4.30pm...are you all prepped?!!


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