Thursday, 28 October 2010

Dear Karen

How many of us send written letters now? Very few I should think.

Shimelles prompt 4 today was all about writing letters.

I immediately thought “ I shall write a letter to Auntie Jean ”

I haven’t seen my Dads sister in over two years. In fact since my Dads funeral.

She lives far from us, on the other side of the UK. In fact,I always think that it may not be long until we get that dreaded phone call that “ we have some bad news. ”

The only problem was I couldn’t find a single pad of writing paper. We always used to have a pad so I could write letters if I needed to, to the children's teachers.But since school days are long over it obviously hasn’t been needed. I had a brand new packet of envelopes though!!!

So I will drop my Aunt a line, when I’ve bought some paper and a stamp.

The prompt that immediately spoke to me was writing a letter to myself. I knew the exact picture I could use and what I wanted to write about. The only problem was doing it all digitally. Yes, its taking me hours to complete each layout,but I am getting better.

Oh and by the way, I have worked out the problem of the 8 x 10 layout for Blurb. I don’t need to worry, they accept 12 x 12 !!!! So all that phaffing about trying to resize was for nothing. I now have 4 pages in my new blurb book titled True Stories.

I shall have to be adding author,to my CV at this rate.

Here’s the digi layout I came up with today.

The journaling says.

Dear Karen

I remember this age well.

How could adults have been so cruel to make you sit all day being sick, for what was your first and only school dinner.

They have something to answer for in making a child with an eating disorder, grow up into an adult with one.

How could all the adults have run away from you screaming at the school gates, when you fell and banged your head.

Don’t worry I go back during hypnotism years later,and I’ll be waiting with open arms for you. I’ll keep you safe.

You'll also go back to that time when you were doing handstands, and remember it as your happy, carefree moment.

You’ll order Charlottes Web from the book club, but you never get to read it. It was definitely too hard for you.  

But you have a lifetime to read books.

Adults let you down again later in your teens, when no one thought to ask why you forged your mums signature in your homework diary.

The most conscientious student too scared to tell why.

Shame on you adults.

But one day, you to will be an adult and you won’t make the same mistakes ,



alexa said...

I am saddened to hear of the neglect your younger self had to endure, and touched at your care and determination to make things different now.

Denise said...

Me too - it's kind of nice that you can write it down now though,after all that -and you have and still are a fantastic mum xx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic mum and wife too ;-)

Sarah C said...

Awww (((hugs))) Thank you for feeling able to share this with us. I have tears in my eyes at how you were treat. Hope your adult life is much happier xx

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your layout. Sometimes it is so good just to get our thoughts and feeling down on paper.


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