Monday, 25 October 2010


In less than three weeks I shall be boarding the largest cruise ship in the world …….

For weeks I have been trying to tie Hubby down to a holiday.We were due to do a tour of China in September and it was cancelled.So I have been itching to go somewhere since.We both wanted to go to Vietnam or India.But all the tours just wouldn’t fit in with hubbys work commitments.

So In the end I thought if you can’t beat them,then join them.

So we quickly decided on Monday that I would fly out to join Hubby in the States.I can think of worse places to have to go!!!

We were going to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Florida next May.We had honeymooned there and it was the only way I could get hubby to go back without the children.

So after lots of discussing where we should meet up in the States:California ? Chicago ?

We decided on Florida.We’ll get that holiday out of the way early.That then leaves next year open for some big travelling.Plus a few weeks at our apartment in Spain.

So in 27 days I shall be on my way to Miami where Hubby will be waiting for me.We then board the largest cruise ship in the world for a Western Caribbean Cruise.We chose a cruise that was going to different and unusual places,as I have never been a beach person.So I knew the main Caribbean islands would bore me to tears.We are visiting parts of Mexico,Central American and the Cayman Islands.

Then we head back to Miami and we plan to drive down to the Keys and then finish our holiday enjoying the Christmas spectacular that Disney will offer.

As you can imagine I have packed already!!!

I LOVE packing.

Apparently though you are allowed 90KG of luggage on the cruise.That is a hell of a lot of clothes.I think Virgin may have something to say about the size of my case if it weighed that much.

Boy think of the scrap stash and clothes I could bring back.

If anything it will be me that will be carrying the extra weight on the return trip.Imagine unlimited food 24hrs a day.Ice cream on idea of heaven.Plus I will probably look slim on board a boat full of Americans.Yah…..

Hopefully,I will get all of my Christmas shopping done at the Mall I have already earmarked.

Then its home to start decorating the house for Christmas.


Except pray there won’t be a hurricane ,it is still hurricane season,right up until the end of November.

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kym said...

Hi I'm still reading your blog in the Maldives ! are you going on the Oasis of the sea's my friend goes on that on 29th Oct, it looks fab, hope you have time to fit a pedicure in for me before you go ! ! xx


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