Saturday, 30 October 2010

boobs and a strap

Thanks everyone for the freebie links yesterday. I shall be checking them all out.

This is the day for the first official outing of my new Black Rapid ladies camera strap.If you watch this video its just like me in action.


I have always favoured my trusty hand strap for shoots.I can’t stand having anything around my neck, even heavy necklaces.But everyone was singing my new straps praises on Karen Russell's photography workshop. So Erin kindly had it shipped to her American address for me and bought it with her when she came to stay.

It’s designed with boobs in mind. And as I have quite large ones, it will be interesting to see if I find it comfortable today.

This is how I look. (complete with my Hufa lens cap holder, sent to me unexpectedly from the kind lady in the video)

Do I look like I know what I am doing?

Or does he???

I have been asked to shoot a group of hairdressers today so that they can use the photos in a local paper.They are happy to have someone to come up with some different ideas for photos other than the papers photographer. And I am happy to get some practice. It will be a true test for me, weather, light wise and the group size.

The salon is the one where my friend works and it the one I gave interior design advice to earlier in the year.Check out the link for the shop .Do you like the writing on the mirror idea, it was mine.

Its a late in the day shoot, as they have a full day of hairdressing. They are a real mix of ages and heights. And the initial setting is in a small busy town. But I have some ideas up my sleeve, I want to play with. I shall leave early and go on a location scout.

In between doing this and editing the images we are trying to finalize all the places we want to stay in Florida during our trip and book our trips aboard the cruise.

First place booked last night was this awesome hotel . I had seen it years ago and had it stored away in my brainer, as a place I would like to stay. So when it came up during a search of the Florida Keys it was a no brainer, we just had to stay there. So we booked it last night.

So one night down another 8 to go !!!

And our first trip booked on the cruise is to Stingray alley in the Grand Caymans.

I must remember to buy a waterproof camera !!!

Hubby is busy demolishing all the fencing at the front of our house ready for its new look.

And here’s a snap from last weekend spent in Sheffield with my daughter.

Anyone hungry? You may need to take a closer look to spot what it really is ???


Scrappi Sandi said...

Looking forward to your verdict on the strap...have fun with the shoot today, at least the light should be good for you! LOL at Tasmins are the only Mum I know who goes to Ann Summers with her daughter!!

Denise said...

Just catching up on blogs. Congrats on your invite (on your last blog post) and I am so impressed that you actually got a camera out and took a photo of THAT sweetcorn ! love it :-)Hope you get on well with your camera strap too.

Donna said...

I have carefully thought through what I was going to comment and aired on the side of caution - after all you already have the words 'boobs' 'photographs' and even 'Ann Summers' in your comments so I wouldn't want to lead any google searches from undersireables to your blog... ;-) x


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