Saturday, 9 October 2010

Autumn is here

I think I read too many American blogs.There is lots of talk on all the blogs,about their fall decorations.Its not something we do here in the UK.In fact you would have a hard time finding anything in the shops suitable.

But lucky me,had bought some supplies on a previous trip to the States.Pottery Barn always have the most  amazing decorations for all seasons and holidays.I have leaves,acorns,tiny apples, name it from this store.So I thought it was time I got some of them out of their storage boxes.I had seen some amazing red leaves at Columbia Road flower market last weekend,but as I was on the train and I couldn’t carry them.

I knew of only one local place I might be able to get the type of supplies I was after.So I had a quick drive to a farm shop which always has an amazing display of pumpkins and squashes .

They were just washing and sorting all the tiny pumpkins.

I grabbed a couple that took my fancy and some tiny chilli plants and this is a display I came up with.

Oh and this.

At this rate I will be speaking in an American accent,drinking egg nog with pumpkin pie…

I kept hubby busy today as well.Well,it is the weekend after all.

There was an area outside our house that drives me mad.Its belongs to both our neighbours and us.It’s never been maintained in the three years we’ve been here.So I asked for next-doors permission and I set Chris to work.

Believe it or not this was taken after he had cleared most of it.Here’s the pile ready to take to the dump.

So much,from such a little space.Our next project is replacing all that fencing in the background and removing 60 feet of 20 year old lavender.But I’ll let him leave that for another day.I know I’m too kind…….

( Really its because I have him working down in the kitchen at this moment,steaming my kitchen tiled floor to make it look as good as new.

Of course I would do it,but I am having trouble with my back at the moment,so I can’t bend down.Honest! )

He popped in some plants we had left over and I shall be adding lots of bulbs and some of my favourite plants over the coming weeks.

I can’t tell you how pleased we are to have finally gotten around to tidying this area.I won't be so embarrassed now when someone pops around.


the foreman

happy as a pig in sh*t


Michelle said...

I love Pottery Barn!!! I don't buy from there, but sure do like to look!!! I love this time of year with all the colors and fall decor. Your home looks wonderful with its fall decor!! :)

Scrappi Sandi said... should hire him out by the hour!!

dandelion dreamer said...

Hi there Karen! Great to meet you last week at Craftingtime. Loving your blog and those wonderful autumnal decorations! I love this time of year and decorating my table with berries and conkers. MADNESS! See you soon. moira

Rumtruffle said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for checking out my blog. Your photos of the the pumpkins and squash are fantastic and will scrap beautifully. The colours are very inspiring and I am looking forward to seeing what you will do with them. Today I ha a go at felt making and intend to incorporate this in my scrapping soon too. See you soon Helen (Rumtruffle -x-)


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