Wednesday, 27 October 2010

alphabet prompt 2

It’s thanks to a comment on my blog by Melissa that prompted me to checkout her blog.This resulted in the following two digital layouts.All from a link she had on her blog!

I had been toying with the idea of making digital layouts, but I wasn’t sure how to make a template.So it was with great thanks that Donna,also in sunny Hertfordshire here in the UK has provided some  free on her blog.

I would like to try my hand at another blurb digital layout book from this class. I am still a total novice but as I always say practice makes perfect.

I know without doubt that I will look back at these layouts as being embarrassing in years to come. Remember those first scrapbook pages you made?

I am sure they are hidden,in a grotty album somewhere.

Anyway these alpha layouts were prompted from Shimelles True Stories prompt 2 –all letters and numbers

They took me forever to make as my computer was slow to load each layer I made. I get so impatient waiting for things. I could have done it all in a fraction of the time. So I had to keep going off to read blogs in my Google reader.

Poor me……

T is for Tasmin

R is for Ryan

I think I already know what my 2011 New Years Resolution will be.

2010 was to learn photography.

2009 was to get on a scrapbook design team

2011 will be to learn Photoshop inside out.

Well  I’m off to do some ironing and make a Thai chicken satay curry.But I’ll be back I haven’t checked out today's prompt yet.

Thanks for all you new people to my blogs comments.


Melissa said...

Great layouts! I've only been using Photoshop Elements for 10 months. I'm mostly a traditional scrapper and only occasionally create digital layouts so I love using templates for those. Thanks for the nice comment and link to my blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your True Stories.

Donna said...

I feel exactly the same about digital scrapbooking - I know that my layouts never look as good as the ones I see on the web but I'm going to persevere and keep going. I've never done paper scrapbooking as I'm too fickle and need to rearrange everything constantly so I figured that digi scrapping was the way for me! That's why I like doing these classes, you pick up so much stuff from other people :-) I will have to look through your blog for tips on photography because that's where I really need to improve!

scrappyjacky said...

I love these pages....what a great way to explain the names...and well done on the digi of my resolutions is to get to grips with photoshop as well.

Donna said...

Oh and I'm in Hitchin btw :-) x

Donna said...

J'adore Jolie! Also fab quilting shop in Baldock :-) x

dandelion dreamer said...

Hi layouts are great! I'm really enjoying Shimelles class too but not actually got anything to share yet!

Anonymous said...

You did good!
And you will love your
New Years Resolution.

Sarah C said...

Love where you went with the prompt. Gorgeous LOs too.

I awww'd at the last sentence on Tasmin's LO and laughed at the last one on Ryan's. That's the sign of a great story-teller x


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