Thursday, 25 March 2010

Spring has sprung

I feel like I have found a four leaf clover.I seem to have been incredibly lucky in the last few months.I keep winning things.

Imagine my delight today when in my inbox was a comment on my blog from Tracey Clark saying I’d won a place on her upcoming e-class Picture spring at Big Picture Scrapbooking.Here's how Tracey explained the class on her blog.

It's 30 days of soulful, seasonal celebration. It's an email from me in your inbox each morning for the whole month of April encouraging you to look at the world around you a little differently. It's about using your camera as a creative tool to help you translate the magic of your life into images. It's about changing your perspective and seeing (and capturing) the beauty that can often be overlooked everyday for 30 days. It will be a perfect way to start a photography practice of both mindful and celebratory creativity!

I knew this was perfect for me the second I saw it.The fact that she says “Seeing and (capturing) the beauty that is overlooked.”This is exactly what I have been trying to do this year with my new camera and my word for  the year “capture.”

So lets hope the weather doesn’t let me down and I am going to be one busy little bee in the month of April.


Denise said...

Hmmmm,yummy - made me feel hungry seeing those pics,great photo of Hilary by the way and congrats on winning the place at BPS x

Cheri said...

Congrats Karen! I entered multiple blog comments trying to secure a free spot in that class and ultimately just ended up paying for it. Can't wait to give it a go!

Scrappi Sandi said...

Yay! Again!!!!!

enikodelisle said...

Karen, I laughed so hard when I read your bi-line: "I am hoping this blog will be about my passion for scrapbooking" - I share your dilema. I just launched my blog this month and really wanted to share scrapbooking ideas, etc & it seems that I have posted about everything but scrapbooking! Congratulations on your win! I will be following you on Google & maybe I can play along in April. If you get a chance, check out my blog -I would love to know what you think. Also I am curious how you are scanning in your scrapbook pages. I can't seem to find a 12"x12" scanner. LOVE your work! I'll check in again soon!

Cheri said...

Hey Karen - if you are blaming me for getting you a free spot in the Picture Spring class, I'll happily take credit! If it couldn't be me, at least it got to be one of my bloggy friends! See you in class.


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