Thursday, 11 March 2010

Not so bubbly champagne afternoon tea

I have been so busy this week.The week kicked off with an afternoon spent at the 5*The Grove Hotel.I had arranged the afternoon for two very “posh” ladies and myself the Kerry Katona of the party.We didn’t want to go too far,but wanted to do something that was a real treat.So Champagne afternoon tea it was.The day started of on the wrong foot.I couldn’t fit in anything I wanted to wear and I was very unhappy with my outfit.Made even more so when both my friends arrived looking very dapper and classy and I was wearing a tutu!!!!

When we arrived at the hotel it turned out they didn't have my reservation.Then the waiter disappeared into a black hole when he went to ask the chef if we could be accommodated.We never saw him again.We were finally seated,but I had asked in my phone call to reserve the lounge, if something could be arranged for me to eat.I was concerned that I may not be able to eat any of the sandwiches or cakes because of my SED.She said something would be sorted and she would talk to the chef.Of course no arrangements had been made.I was right to have been worried ,when the sandwiches arrived there was nothing I could eat and the cakes ALL had fruit of some sort in them,which I too don’t eat.I ended up with two small plain scones and a cup of tea (which I don’t really drink)

We were the only people in the lounge and yet we waited ,waited and waited  some more for anyone to refresh our cold tea or to bring the glass of water we had asked for.

For what you see above plus 2 champagnes and a pot of tea was £85 ($130)!!!!

When I returned home and told my husband he was furious and immediately rang the hotel.He knew how much I would have been embarrassed,sat with just a scone all day.

The result of hubbys phone call was an email from the hotel today,apologising for my less than perfect day,and the offer of another afternoon tea or our money back.I will have to see what the other ladies want to do.They had thoroughly enjoyed our time together,and were too nice to complain.I don’t think they realised how upsetting it was for me.So they will be shocked to hear we may get to do it all again.


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Scrappi Sandi said...

At least this time you'll get something to eat & drink!!!

Thanks so much for hosting yesterday was such a treat...we must make coffee with Robynne a regular fixture!

Is that scrap room finished yet?!!!LOL


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