Thursday, 25 March 2010

Mmmmm yummy ……………………..

Hilary and I had a spot of lunch today in our favourite restaurant,Yuva

We cannot recommend this restaurant enough.If you live in Cambridgeshire or Hertfordshire,it is well worth a visit,especially for their special lunch deal(£5.95).Yuva can be found at 51 old North Road,Kneesworth.

Its a beautiful 17th Century ex pub that has been given a modern opulent twist.It has three seating areas each decorated in a different colourful style.

The food is Indian Nepalese fusion,although I have only ever experienced the Indian dishes.Everything I have eaten here has been exquisite.

There is always lots to choose from on the special lunch menu.As I was on a “diet” I plumped for the chicken tikka mosala instead of the korma,usually my first choice.But it had to be the peshwari coconut rice and peshwari nan to accompany it.So to show I’m willing on the calories front I had a diet coke!

The curries are always so fresh and are full of spices.There attention to detail and presentation is superb.But one of the things I love about this restaurant,apart from the food,is the staff.They have some lovely Nepalese men working for them who always remember us.Hard not to with Hilary as its nearly a weekly thing for her.

Hilary's dish arrived making so much noise.It was sizzling away so loudly and the smell was amazing….

Mine arrived much more reserved and didn’t feel the need to shout its arrival.

Yes that looks very slimming.I will be practically wasting away soon.

So it was lucky for me,I had just enough room for a delve in the brandy glass for a chocolate.Hilary thought it would be great filled with champagne -The old lush.Me I’d prefer the chocolates any day.

I can't urge you enough if you are in the area to try this place.

We worry that if these little,of the beaten track,gems don’t get used and appreciated they will disappear.

And if it disappeared what would Hilary do for food!!!???

No doubt she’d have time to start using and organising her scrapbook room instead.

I need to take her in hand and get organising.A trip to Ikea is imminent I feel.And I may have to ban her from the Chicago scrapbook shops in June.There really can’t be anymore this lady NEEDS or could possibly have the time to use.I only wish I had taken a photo to share.

Shimelle latest prompt was to get started on the stash of stickers we all seem to have in excess.I thought I’d start with these Paris inspired ones.

The day before I had searched through some old albums and had come across these pictures of us taking our children for the day to Paris as part of a trip to Disneyland.

I pulled out everything that seemed appropriate to a Parisian layout.

and got to work.But I can’t get our scanner to work because of the new wifi hub.So I'll have to wait for hubby to return from Madrid tonight so that I can scan the photos and print them in a smaller size.

So watch this space.

Happy scrapping.


peterjholmes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scrappi Sandi said...

I loved YUVA when we went last time...glad you managed to stick to something low calorie...NOT!!!

Hilary looks very haircut?!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Anesha said...

It is a fantastic restaurant,must go more often. Anesha

Pencil Lines DT Co-Ordinator said...

gorgeous photo of Hilary, and taht looks like my kinda restaurant!


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