Monday, 22 March 2010

Its finished…………………………………..

No not the scrap room,Sandra,he’s working on that….

The ensuite is finally all completed.We had to wait 7 weeks for the shutters to be made and they were finally fitted today.Unfortunately its a dark drizzly day so the light is crap for photos.

Its been bliss for me without the shutters.Hubby obviously hasn’t wanted to share his stunning physique with the neighbours,so he’s avoided using the shower or bath in our room ( he uses sons) So I’ve had the room to myself everyday and its stayed immaculate.No tidemark around the bath or splatters on the shower glass.

I don’t care who gets to see me naked,as you may have noticed from my previous post about the notice board.So I’ve been stripping off and strutting my stuff for everyone to see.So the neighbours will be relieved to see the windows are now covered.

I am really pleased with how the room turned out,especially as it was all my design.OK, Hubby did a bit of donkey work,but its all about  the design……


Above mentioned Hubby knocked a doorway through from our bedroom,to make an unused spare room into our ensuite.I bought a Victorian door at a reclamation yard and then Hubby made it perfect.

I HATE tiles so I decided against them above the bath. I had three mirrors cut and bevelled to act as a splash back.Now when I have a  bath the water stays in the bath.It doesn’t go on the floor or on the walls.But God help me when Hubby hits that water .Lets just say I make seal noises at him…..

The only real problem for me with the mirror is you get a full unedited shot when you sit on the toilet opposite.As I said I like to be naked ,so suffice to say I am now dieting.So maybe the mirrors are a great idea after all.


This is the other side of the room.This whole wall is Hubbys handwork.It never used to exist..(clap here)(this is an in house joke)

But of course its about the design.I LOVE the little cabinets I bought from Ikea.They are perfect for the spaces.Each one is for a different use in the bathroom.

You know me and organising…





The one thing that gets people oohing, is the floor.Its exquisite.Yes it was an arm ,leg and a bit more ,but it was SO worth it.Its hard to photograph as it twinkles.

Yes twinkles.

It looks amazing in any light.It has little crashed pieces of mirror in it which catch any light.Plus Hubby has laid under floor heating so its stunning and cosy all at the same time.

This picture does not do the shower justice.It was the largest one we could find for the space.

It is sooo powerful and its a doddle to wash my bushy hair.Its done in seconds.It takes me a tad longer to clean and dry it though…

Teddy keeps trying to get in with me,in fact I’ve just realised I can now shower him when he’s covered in mud,which is a daily occurrence.




Whilst the two men where fitting the shutters,I got busy making some chocolate Guinness cupcakes with chocolate frosting.I had finally managed to get a large size piping nozzle so I had a play and I picked this recipe because I had some Guinness left over from a meat pie I made.

No doubt the men will find something wrong with them.

They ALWAYS moan about something.They don’t realise how lucky they are.

My son gets excited when he has a reheated supermarket meal!!!!!

Tonight I will hear”what's for tea?”from him

“homemade chicken (i don’t eat mince) lasagne with a spinach ricotta sauce (instead of a white sauce)and a double cheese flavoured tomato sauce with salad and garlic bread”

“groan” “ I hate pasta,I’m not hungry” will be the reply.

The salad has to be undressed and the garlic bread wet and limp for him to even attempt to eat it.

Anyway,I was one of the lucky winners of the weekend challenges on Shimelles class.I win a class of my choice and one for a friend.So Sandra will no doubt get as much enjoyment out of it as me.A little bird told me Shimelle is thinking of doing a photography class so I may hold out for that.

This layout was for Sundays challenge.Some of the flowers were from the first ever patterned paper I ever bought.

Because I have used up a lot of stash I treated myself to some newly released bits.

Plus I think I know what might have been aggravating my migraines.I had started taking iron tablets and they can do that in weird people like me.I remember thinking they were a cause years ago when I had a spate of taking them.So fingers crossed……


Jane said...

More migraine advice - lol - if you need to take iron supplements, then I'd suggest trying Spatone!

It is a natural water that you add to orange juice or another drink (not milk) and because it's a natural water it has no side effects like other iron supplements. I can't tolerate other iron supplements but this is FAB - I have it sent over from the UK regularly! You can buy it in Holland and Barrett etc etc

Love your new bathroom - can't wait to renovate mine! We have quartz much like your floor tiles but in our kitchen - ours is black with the twinkly mirror pieces! I love how it catches the light but isn't too over the top :)

Good luck with soothing those migraines - I know how horrible they are :(

Cheryl said...

Just popped over from Shimelle to say congratulations and your LO is fab xx

Anonymous said...

I would love to get your Chocolate Guinness recipe.

I love your photo's and your writing. Very unique.


Scrappi Sandi said...

You read my soon as I saw your title I thought "No...!!!"

The shutters look amazing...but good luck keeping it all shiny with Chris using it too!!!

I think I'll pass on the mirror idea...I think I'd be suicidal inside a week!!

To repeat myself...this LO is stunning...I think you've inspired a lot of people in class to dig out there butterfly punches!!!

Did you go to see Lorraine? Are you still trading treatments for stash with her? That album looks gorgeous!

Hilary J said...

Beautiful layout - and, like Sandra, I think that album looks lovely too. Save one of those cupcakes for me....


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